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Skeet Shooting for the Purist: by The Elephant's Child

Hunting season.  Want to get a little skeet shooting in for practice before the hunting trip?  Here’s a slightly different version of skeet shooting. The guns are a little more expensive.

(h/t: The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys)

You Can Be Really Tough or You Can Avoid Giving Offense. You Can’t Do Both! by The Elephant's Child

The new x-ray scanners and intrusive pat-downs at airports are much in the news, and rightfully so.  They are a response to the Christmas Day underwear bomber boarded a plane for Detroit with all sorts of danger signs flashing.  His father had informed an American embassy that the young man was a danger.  He bought a one-way ticket with cash.  He was clearly unprepared for Detroit weather.  He had no luggage.  Because everyone who was supposed to catch these screaming warning signals missed them all, ordinary Americans are being subjected to far too intrusive screenings.

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary insists that the scanners are safe, and the pat-down are discreet, but people confronted  with them beg to disagree.  Secretary Napolitano wrote a piece for USA Today with all the usual bureaucratic waffles and justifications — a layered approach to security, advanced imaging technology, protecting passenger privacy, and so on.

The problem is that Homeland Security thinks it is fine to offend thousands of old ladies, children and ordinary citizens, because it refuses to profile young Muslim men from the Middle East —  because that  might offend some Muslims.   If the terrorists who have attacked our country were all tall young red-headed men with Scots accents, it would be an excellent idea to take an extra hard look at people of that description.

Where did we get this idea that we must not under any circumstances offend anyone?  People are calling it “gate rape.” But it is even worse than that.  It is fine to offend ordinary citizens, but you must not offend anyone who belongs to a minority group.  Why shouldn’t we offend Muslims who tolerate terrorists in their midst?  Do not Muslims bear some responsibility for the actions of people who act in the name of their religious laws?  How do you search for truth if you cannot offend anyone?

Fear of “offense” seems to be centered in the human resource departments of the world and all government offices.  Nobody else cares much, except for those people who have been told by  human resource departments that they should be offended — so they are.

So sorry, Secretary Napolitano, I don’t feel safer.  I’m afraid that you are so caught up in political correctness,  diversity, and reluctance to offend, that you cannot possibly be the tough guardian of our security that the country needs.

Must-Read of the Day: by The Elephant's Child

A splendid essay from Keith Hennessey explains how you create a growth agenda for the country. Mr. Hennessey was the senior economic adviser to President George W. Bush. He presents his ideas clearly, offers ten practical tips for elected Republican officials, and points out desirable goals:

Prioritize medium-term problems caused by the government rather than trying to push businesses to expand more rapidly.

Set the right goal: creating the conditions for growth rather than trying to create growth.

It’s a pretty impressive piece, and it makes sense to me.  I’ll keep this piece handy as the new Congress addresses the economy.  Good guidelines!

Puts Me in the Mood for a Good Western by American Elephant
November 17, 2010, 9:43 am
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I’m impressed how true to the original it is, but then, all the best parodies are.

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