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Fun Fall Freebies by American Elephant
November 21, 2010, 3:43 pm
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With autumn quickly giving way to winter, I headed out into the crisp cool air to clean up the last vestiges (fingers crossed) of fall leaves today — particularly from the roof — which leaves me feeling fallish (ba domp bomp!).

Sometimes, living in Seattle, we don’t always have the most distinct change of seasons. We usually have a nice, sunny, warm summer followed by nine months of different gradations of wet, drizzly gray in between. Other years, thankfully, the seasons are more pronounced. This looks to be one of those years. I was shocked to look at the weather gadget on my desktop to find that we may actually get our first snow tomorrow (the reason for the roof cleaning.) But because the seasons are not always as distinct as I would have them here in the drizzly dank Pacific Northwest, I look to other sources for my seasonal fix.

And before fall fleets away, I thought I’d share the fun fall freebies I’ve found on the web to help bring the season indoors.

The first is the great new wallpaper blog I found, which is where I found the image above, which currently graces my desktop. Unlike other wallpaper sites, this blog appears to emphasize quality over quantity, the images are all available in wide-screen and high resolution versions, and it appears all the images are available in every size you could need.

The second is a favorite of mine. I have always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom, so I could fall asleep in front of the fire, or read in front of the fire from the comfort of my bed on a cold day, without dragging my bed into the living room. But of course, building a new chimney is a bit cost prohibitive. However, I do have a monitor in my bedroom, and I found this awesome realistic fireplace screensaver that brings a real, crackling wood fire right to my desktop.  So real I can almost feel the warmth.

And whether your fire is real or digital, a good fall fire needs some great fall music, and there’s none better than the sultry Sarah Vaughan’s beautiful rendition of Autumn in New York, but a close second might be Nat King Cole with Autumn Leaves. (Yeah, I know, one week I’m posting British Punk, the next I’m posting American Jazz standards. I’m crazy like that.)

And finally, if you’re looking to pry yourself, or the family away from the idiot box for a change, you might try turning off the TV, turning down the lights,  building that fire up nice and hot, and dusting off the radio for a very welcome change of pace. Both old-time and contemporary radio shows (yeah, they still make them, who’da thunk!) are a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend an evening. There are dramas, mysteries, suspense and comedies. A little something for everyone. My favorites are The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, available at Imagination Theater, and oldies like Our Miss Brooks at When Radio Was. Click the buttons to find stations that play them in your area, or download episodes to listen to whenever you want.

  • Listen to Imagination Theater!
  • Listen to Twilight Zone Radio!
  • Listen to When Radio Was
  • Particularly good for when the power goes out. Enjoy!


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