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A High Energy Conversation With Richard Epstein. by The Elephant's Child

Nick Gillespie of Reason had a conversation with Richard Epstein recently at the New York University Law School.  Richard Epstein is a professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School, and a fellow at the Hoover Institution.  He works at the intersection of Law and Economics, and is on my list of people I always listen to carefully when I get the chance.

With Richard Epstein, you have to listen carefully, because he goes at warp speed. A YouTube video is the perfect venue because you can go back and catch what you missed before, and you will miss a lot because he speaks, as Power Line noted, “at the speed of thought.”

(h/t: Power Line)

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Great video. =)


Comment by fleeceme

Yes, sensible guy (for the most part).


Comment by Subsidy Eye

[…] Chicago and through his neighbor who was a particular friend of Obama’s. He said that Obama never participated in the intellectual discourse at Chicago, and thus never subjected himself to strong ideas articulated by people who disagree […]


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