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“Going Green” Is Not About The Environment, It’s About Power and Control. by The Elephant's Child
November 29, 2010, 8:24 am
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President Obama modeled his “renewable energy” policies on Spain’s vast investments in wind and solar energy.  So as they careen towards complete collapse they have finally settled on what they it hope will be the way out of the green subsidies and mandates that Obama admired so much.  They have pulled the plug on solar subsidies.  Alternative energy has  been a disaster for Spain.

While Spain’s Socialist government tried to figure out how to pull the plug on all the green investments, the banks mentioned that they were on the hook for having underwritten the whole scheme, and could go under right along with the renewable bubble.

Dr. Gabriel Calzada, professor of economics, first exposed the truth about the bubble Spain was creating after President Obama told our country to look at Spain’s policies to see what a wonderful experience we had ahead.  Professor Calzada ‘s research demonstrated that Spain’s energy policies were unsustainable without government subsidy; caused electricity rates to go up, not down; and cost more than two jobs in the regular economy for each “green” job.  Calzada was badly treated by the Obama administration, the usual suspects in Congress, all the “green organizations’,” and trade unions in Spain: as well as Spanish ministers who sought to have Calzada fired from his university.  Dr. Calzada was right, and unfortunately, Obama was wrong, and remains wrong.  As Christopher Horner explains in his book Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America:

At the end of his campaign for president, Barack Obama boasted, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He wasn’t blowing political smoke for the benefit of his supporters.  He was telling us all who he is and his plans for us, as he affirmed even before his inauguration.

Barack Obama’s radicalism runs deep.  When he crowed in San Francisco, “under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket,” he meant it.  And it’s not just electricity prices that he wanted to skyrocket, but the costs of politically disfavored “fossil fuels.”  As everything has the cost of energy embedded in it, costs will rise across the board.  The result of these policies will be to crowd millions more toward energy poverty and dependence upon the state.  That, too, is by design.

As the left sees it, if you do not coerce people out of their wretched levels of energy use, they will not change their lifestyles.  In the Left’s view, these lifestyles must be changed because they are “unsustainable.”

“America has the greatest energy reserves in the entire world, and it is these resources that ensure our liberty,” Horner reminds us.  From the first days of his administration, Obama began putting our own resources off-limits.  Oil in the Gulf of Mexico has supposedly emerged from the moratorium, but somehow new drilling isn’t allowed, and one thing and another seems to prevent existing rigs to get back to work.

The coasts, East, West, and the coast of Alaska have all been put off-limits, citing “environmental” concerns.  And as I noted below, the “threatened” nature of polar bears (probably soon to be raised to “endangered” ) puts offshore Alaskan waters off-limits.  And the administration is working with Congress to put the massive new natural gas discoveries off-limits.

The “climate” agenda, “going green,” is not about environmental protection, and quite certainly not about the climate.  It is about empowering a global bureaucracy.  The Left’s agenda requires us to accept its “global governance” — not to be confused with a global government.  It is about empowering a global bureaucracy, and curbing democracy, which must be sacrificed because climate change is so important.

Meeting the challenge of “global warming” became the emergency reason for pushing through the European “Constitution” in spite of citizen protests.  And now an unaccountable and unrepresentative bureaucracy governs Europe as they choose, paying themselves ever more generous salaries and benefits, and increasing their power.  And like all bureaucracies, their opinions of their own wisdom and infallibility greatly exceed reality.  Europe is showing signs of coming apart.

And largely to blame are Europe’s huge subsidies for “green energy”. Denmark has invested in enormous amounts of wind energy, and has the highest prices of electricity in Europe. Germany went in for encouraging everyone to add solar panels to their homes, but that isn’t working either. A kilowatt of electricity costs 3 times as much in Germany as it does in the U.S.   Britain has subsidized wind farms in places where there is no possibility of enough wind to make it cost-effective, and neglected clean nuclear energy to the extent that they are deeply worried about the death toll from the cold this winter.

The Left, always so dissatisfied with the freedom and prosperity of the United States, is sure that there is something better just around the corner when they are fully in charge.

But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  Things are coming apart.  Obama does not have the skill set to understand the problems he is faced with.  People don’t believe in the dangers of climate change any more.  Investing enormous amounts of money in wind farms that create most of their “green” jobs in China, and produce only tiny amounts of energy puts the lie to all the “sustainable” claptrap.

It’s bunk, and when Al Gore’s climate exchange goes bust, and he admits that the whole ethanol thing was a fraud, Americans just may get tired of being fooled.

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Man, the sweeping statements in this post are breathtaking. Let’s start with this one:

America has the greatest energy reserves in the entire world.

Says whom? Deposits of fossil fuels are generally proportional to land mass, as adjusted by the underlying geology. What remains also depends on cumulative production to date. There is a strong possibility therefore that Russia has more energy that it can produce at a given cost than does the United States.

Let’s take a specific: coal. The USGS uses very wide criteria for defining its coal endowment. So its official estimates of its “coal reserve base” are much larger than Australia’s. Yet if the USGS applied the same cut-off criteria (seam depth and thickness) its coal reserve base would be no larger than Australia’s. Given how old are much of the USGS data on outcrops and the like, it is also highly likely that U.S. coal reserves are over-stated, and that they do not sufficiently count for structural developments (homes, roads, water wells) that would render many coal deposits inaccessible, at least for extracting as coal. (On the other hand, many more “reserves” of coal may be created through in-situ gasification, though the same goes for other countries, too.)

Then there is this:

The “climate” agenda, “going green,” is not about environmental protection, and quite certainly not about the climate. It is about empowering a global bureaucracy.

Maybe it is for certain political elites, but to paint the millions of people who want sincerely to “go green” as having nefarious motivates is simply unjustified slander.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

You might read this comment from IPCC Official Ottmar Edenhofer about the meeting in Cancun. Or this excellent book by Chris Horner. I am speaking of the climate agenda, which is clearly about empowering a global bureaucracy. Or you could read up on the history of the global warming scare. You would find Dr. Roy Spencer’s two books: Climate Confusion and The Great Global Warming Blunderreally interesting, but then I do notice that you never follow any of the links in my posts, you just like to argue.

I don’t think that the people who simply believe in “going green” have nefarious motives, I just think they have bought into a carefully devised fantasy. There is no evidence of a crisis of global warming, the seas are not rising precipitously, the arctic is not melting any more than usual, and CO2 is not a pollutant. The major “greenhouse gas” is water vapor. Should we attempt to limit that?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

EC, I have read a number of books and articles by sceptics. Are there people who are using the climate issue to promote big government? Sure. Are there scientists who want to stifle skepticism and criticism? No doubt. Are there many more who have done proper science? You bet. Are there “win-win” policies that can lead to a cleaner environment and improve welfare? Yes there are.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

The fun has just started.
Several groups of people would love to dismantle
the civilized world.
One group (the environmentalists) would cull the
world’s population by a half …too many people
on mother earth , creating too much Co2.

Now at COP 16 , in Cancun they have proposed
rationing.“climate-policy-is-redistributing-the-worlds-wealth”/ Try rationing Joe Lunchbucket’s gasoline


Comment by Ron spins

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