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An Angry Obama Announced a Tentative Deal. by The Elephant's Child

An angry President Obama has announced a “bipartisan” agreement whereby HE is saving the middle class from having their taxes go up.  I have no idea how the conversations about economics go inside the White House, but apparently nobody there knows anything about the subject.  Democrats are fixated on “the rich.”   They used to be fixated on “the poor” but now the bottom 40 percent of earners don’t pay any income tax — so they have fixated on the gap between the rich and the poor.  The gap is too big, they say. Some people are just earning too much money!

America has the world’s most progressive taxes.  The top one percent pay 40 percent of all income taxes.  he top 10 percent of earners pay 76 percent of the total tax burden.  I don’t understand this incredible class envy.  I am not harmed in the slightest by Bill Gates huge income.  Income does not come in a pie shape — if he gets more it doesn’t affect me at all.  Actually, it employs a lot of people in my community.

This so-called bipartisan agreement is dumb.  Taxes do not go up on January 1.  That is good.  But it is not an economic stimulus — taxes just stay the same.  Increased unemployment insurance is not a stimulus, it’s just another $56 billion borrowed.  There is no unemployment money — it’s all been spent.  Increasing the estate tax is dumb. It is an enormous job killer. People who own businesses or farms end up having to sell to pay the taxes.  The very rich don’t have to pay estate taxes if they don’t want to.  Eliminating the payroll tax for a year is not an economic stimulus, it’s just another $120 billion cost.  It’s meant to be, but there  isn’t a 2.5 % multiplier effect for demand-side stimulus.  We have been doing that over and over, and it doesn’t work.  Tax credits are meant to go to people who pay no taxes — more government largesse.

There are no tax cuts involved.  Republicans are trying to keep your taxes from going up.  That will thus prove not to be a negative for the economy.  There is nothing that will stimulate the economy, and nothing that will create jobs.  It will relieve a tiny bit of uncertainty that taxes will not immediately go up, but that’s about it.

Obama was clearly very angry, whether about having to compromise, having to explain to the radical left who are already angry that he is giving in about anything, or simply about having to endure disagreement and criticism, I don’t know. We have been told that he doesn’t take well to criticism.   Would be interesting to find out.

GALLUP: Bush Job Approval Higher Than Obama’s by American Elephant
December 6, 2010, 8:37 pm
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George W. Bush 47% job approval
Barack Obama….. 45% job approval

Now of course, Obama could, in theory, do something to temporarily bring those numbers up, but as time and new information yield new perspective, I believe history will continue to view Bush more and more favorably, while Obama has already, I think, performed so abysmally, and done so much damage, that he will eventually be generally recognized as one of the worst if not the worst presidents in history. Though he still could do something to eke out an edge over Carter.

Only time will tell.  But, in the meantime, to our Bush-Hitler-Chimpy-McHalliburton “progressive” friends — stick that in your bongs and smoke it! 🙂

Update: Other Interesting Poll Results:

In another poll of 15,000 adults, Rasmussen finds that for the first time ever, more Americans identify themselves with Republicans than with the Democrat party by 36 to 34.7 percent. This is big. Even in the Republican landslide of 1994, Democrats still led the GOP in party identification. Politicians would do well to not fool themselves — Americans are really, really angry at what Obama and the Democrats have done.

Keep this poll in mind when you read other poll results in the near future. If the percentages of Republicans vs Democrats in their samples are not close to these numbers, you will know the poll is biased, and by how much.

Still another poll shows that nearly HALF of Democrats think the government should control the entire economy. Not going to be hearing much about THAT poll from the Ministry of  Truth, aka the “mainstream” media, as it makes it much harder to argue that the Democrat party is not controlled by socialists. It is.

And lastly, when Barack Obama wins election by 53%, it’s portrayed by the Ministry of Truth as a landslide, giving Obama a mandate to change whatever he damn well wants. Yet when 54% of Americans say Obama’s ban on offshore drilling is going to drive up the cost of gas, the activist media calls it a “slim majority”.

This is why I have given up the term “media bias” — it’s not a strong enough term. It connotes an almost unintentional air. The truth is we have an activist media, conscientiously trying to help Democrats and hurt Republicans.

(h/t HotAir)

I Cannot Get Enough of Governor Awesome! by The Elephant's Child

The phrase is Tiger Hawk’s, but so perfect I couldn’t resist using it. Governor Chris Christie continues to demonstrate firm leadership, a resolute determination to fix the dismal economic situation of the State of New Jersey, clear concise speech, and insistence that the New Jersey schools are intended for the benefit of the children — not the teachers’ union or the education officials.  Original idea!

We have a lot of politicians out there who, when they begin a speech, find the audience quickly changing the channel.  And Governor Christie’s videos go viral.  Please pay attention, politicians.  The American people are telling you what they want — straight talk, honesty, determination, and a struggle to do the right thing.

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