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Men and Boys and their Destructive Toys! by The Elephant's Child
December 10, 2010, 6:23 pm
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Hew Kennedy has always had an interest in Medieval weapons.  He has a collection of armor and all sorts of swords and shields and guns, but he had a hankering to experiment with bigger things.  Here is his trebuchet, a medieval siege weapon once used to fling dead horses over castle walls.

It reminds me of a delightful book from way back in 1991:  Catapult: Harry and I Build a Siege Weapon.  Great stocking stuffer!  From the blurb on the back:

A grapefruit sized piece of two-billion-year-old Red Creek Quartzite and an annoying fracas with an employee at the Salt Lake City airport spawn an idea in a dark corner of Jim Paul’s mind:  he will build a catapult and shoot stones into the ocean.  His friend Harry reluctantly agrees to help — provided they can raise enough  money for the project.  With a $500 grant for “conceptual reconstruction” from a broadminded arts institution they are off and running — driven by the irresistible attraction of destructive power to the junkyards and lumberyards of Northern California…and back through the minor epochs of Jim Paul’s childhood…and two thousand years of war.

It’s a weird book, but lovable.  A wonderful memoir.  Highly recommended. The men and boys in your life would love it.

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I will add that to my Christmas list.


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