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Snowbound by American Elephant
December 13, 2010, 8:36 pm
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A beautiful soundtrack for those of you snowed-in back east and in the Midwest. Build a fire, or if you don’t have a fireplace, put one on your monitor, burrow down under your favorite blanket, and kick back and enjoy the gorgeous, sultry song stylings of the incomparable Sarah Vaughan as you watch the snow drift down. A nice steamy cup of creamy hot cocoa never hurts either.

Don’t Blame Us, We’re Just Innocent Hackers! by The Elephant's Child

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is in custody in Britain. He is being held at the request of Swedish authorities.  And there was supposedly an Interpol warrant.

Former top aides to the WikiLeaks founder have abandoned WikiLeaks to set up a new service, called OpenLeaks. It will be politically neutral. Their goal is transparency, not Mr. Assange’s “regime” change in the United States.

Mr. Assange wrote in essays before he launched WikiLeaks in 2007 that his goal is to restrict how information is shared among government officials, such as intelligence agencies and diplomats, in order to cripple America. He said “An authoritarian conspiracy that cannot think efficiently cannot act to preserve itself.” If he thinks the U.S. is an authoritarian conspiracy, he should try leaking Russian or Chinese documents.

His former staffers who have perhaps found it a little uncomfortable to be known as attempting to bring down the United States of America, have possibly heard mutterings emanating from the U.S. about espionage, and execution. They told the Swedish newspaper Dagen Nyheter that they will operate”without a political agenda except for the dissemination of information to the media.” With this new approach “all editorial control and responsibility rests with the publishing organizations.” The newspapers have to fact check, avoid harmful disclosure and provide context. [ In other words — don’t blame us, we have no control over what they decide to publish].

It would be a very good thing if journalistic organizations were held to account for what they publish.  They will have to protect innocent people, and make careful decisions about what information should remain confidential. But unauthorized hacking into someone else’s computer system isn’t legal either, is it?  It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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