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Parables About Property” by The Elephant's Child
December 26, 2010, 8:16 pm
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This brief fictional exchange took place at a blog called Easy Opinions, titled “Property and Pigs.”

Official:  I see that you have a large income. We need more of it.

Mike:  I work legally for my income and I pay 35% at the top tax rate. Isn’t that enough?

Official:  The economy is bad now. We need to take your money and pay other people. They will spend it and improve the economy.

Mike:  Why do you think the economy will improve?

Official:  10 years ago the top rate was 39.6% and the economy was good.

Mike:  Those things aren’t related. How would higher tax rates produce a growing economy?

Official:  I don’t have time to discuss philosophy with you. You have the money. We want the money.

The pigs part is included in the same post, and titled How to Catch Wild Pigs.Don’t miss it.

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Marx , President Obama and Michelle believe
that Capitalism should be replaced by Socialism
to be followed by Communism , a classless
society where everyone is equal but the elites.

That is what Obama told Joe the plumber. link works

Saw Sen. Tom Coburn this morning it was the
truth ,by bankrupting America they will achieve
their objective.


Comment by Ron spins

Yeah, that really make sense: taking a made up, highly stylized dialog, and then labeling it “Democratic corruption”. If that is your standard, why not publish excerpts from Animal Farm or some other novel and increase the number of articles under that category?

Meanwhile, you can add this one and call it “Republican Corruption”

Big company from military industrial complex: Hey, Dick, we’re not making too much profit these days? Anything we can do for you?

VP: We’ll, we can start a war in the Middle East.

Big company from military industrial complex: That’ll do. At least for the moment.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Except Subsidy
Democrats are the Warmongers that’s why It
could not be “Republican Corruption”.
1.Vietnam John F Kennedy
2.WW1 Germany Woodrow Wilson
3.WW2 Japan Franklin D Roosevelt
4.North Korea Harry S. Truman
5.Yugoslavia William Jefferson Clinton

6.Iraq George W Bush
If only Saddam would have allowed unfettered


Comment by Ron spins

Pretty selective list there, Ron. How about adding the following:

Civil War: Abraham Lincoln

Spanish-American War: William McKinley

Second Samoan Civil War: William McKinley

Philippine-American War: William McKinley

Occupation of Nicaragua: William Howard Taft

Cambodia Campaign (secret war in): Richard M Nixon

Lebanon: Ronald Reagan

Invasion of Grenada: Ronald Reagan

Bombing of Libya: Ronald Reagan

Invasion of Panama (to arrest depose and capture Manuel Noriega: George Herbert Walker Bush

First Iraq War: George Herbert Walker Bush

Invasion of Afghanistan: George W Bush

Both parties have been in power during wars. But the issue here is “corruption”. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld provided lots of pretexts for invading Iraq in 2003. What the real motivations of its planners were, and the way they handed out non-competitive contracts to friends, is something else entirely.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

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