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It’s Official: The Polar Bear is NOT an Endangered Species. by The Elephant's Child
December 28, 2010, 5:03 pm
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It is official.  The Polar bear is not an endangered species.  The word comes down from the Obama Administrations’ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  They’ll stick with the Bush-era designation of “threatened”.

“The single greatest threat to the polar bear is the melting of Arctic Sea ice due to climate change,” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, but the Endangered Species Act “is not the appropriate tool for us to deal with what is a global issue.”

Environmentalists will sue.

The Telegraph reports that “Polar bears face extinction in less than 70 years because of global warming.”  This probably goes along with their reports that snow is a thing of the past in Britain.

Science Daily reports that “Federal Polar Bear Research Critically Flawed, Forecasting Expert Asserts”

So there you go.  It is all perfectly clear, is it not?  The Arctic ice melts every summer, and freezes up again in the winter.  Polar bears are thriving, and with restrictions on shooting them, they are multiplying nicely.  They can swim for very long distances — I have read 30 miles and 60 miles, which is a lot more than I could do, and you wouldn’t get me into Arctic water in any case.  I like nice warm water.


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