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Ezra Klein Exposes Himself on MSNBC. by The Elephant's Child
December 30, 2010, 7:31 pm
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Ezra Klein seems to be a young man who blogs for the Washington Post.  He was interviewed on MSNBC. and questioned about the Republican plan to have the Constitution read at the beginning of the 112th Congress. They asked Klein because he is apparently a “wonk” and the Constitution is about “wonkery.” The Constitution, Klein says ” has no binding power on anything.”  And besides that it’s old.  It was written more than 100 years ago (more than twice that) so it’s too hard for modern people to understand.

Well, there you go.  The Progressive view exposed.  All that other old hard stuff like Shakespeare, Chaucer, Aristotle is too hard. Modern man goes for 2,700 page bills that nobody understands, but the Constitution is too hard?

Iowahawk, the funniest man on the internet, was pleased to take on Ezra Klein. He thanks Mr. Klein for his interest in the Washington Post’s Young Pundit Essay Contest.  Don’t miss it.

More Joys of Socialized Medicine by American Elephant

Another preview of what you can expect from Obamacare, this time from Sweden which “progressives” often hold up as the ideal:

Swedish man forced to have penis amputated after waiting over a year to learn he had cancer.

“Free” healthcare is awesome — until you actually get sick.

For the “Photoshops I wish I’d done” file: by American Elephant
December 30, 2010, 9:54 am
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Things in New York are worse than we’ve been told.

(via HotAir)

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