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Locking Up Public Lands — From the Public. by The Elephant's Child

The Obama administration has issued a directive designed to preserve more public lands as  wilderness.  Ranchers, sportsmen, utilities and ordinary folks are up in arms, with good reason.   The regulatory change, initiated in December,  directs the Bureau of Land Management to survey its vast holdings that stretch between Alaska, Arizona, California and Colorado, in search of “unspoiled back country.  The agency can then designate these tracts — potentially millions of acres — as “wild lands.”

The Interior Department proposes that such lands will be shielded from activities that might disrupt habitat or destroy the solitude of the wild.  That might mean banning oil drilling, uranium mining, or cattle grazing in some area.  It could also mean restriction on recreational activities like snowmobiling or biking.

“Americans love the wild places where they hunt, fish, hike and get away from it all, and they expect these lands to be protected wisely on their behalf,” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in announcing the policy shift late last week.  The move does not require legislative approval.

There is nothing like a bunch of bureaucrats sitting in their Washington offices locking up a lot of lands they have never seen so that only the few can use them.  The Bureau of Land Management is a pathetically poor steward of public lands now., and the National Park Service — also under the Department of the Interior — doesn’t do very well with the National Parks.  And Mr Salazar’s department has made a mess of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

This is more of  the Obama administration”s payback for support.  The environmental organizations have  been some of his greatest supporters, and the long-term dream of the Greens is to lock up public lands, turn more privately owned lands into public land, and herd the American people into far denser cities, served by transportation corridors between the cities.

We have come a long way from the conservationists who wanted to protect some of our national treasures as national parks, for the benefit of all Americans.  Now you have militant vegetarians, animal-rights fanatics, tree-spikers, ecological terrorists like ELF, and those who would prefer an earth where there are no people.  The gentle area of protecting and appreciating nature and wildlife  has been taken over by radicals and terrorists.  There is very big money in professional environmentalism, and activists have been drawn to it, in large numbers.

The BLM manages about 250 million acres, and protects about 22 million acres as wilderness, I would suggest that “manages” is a far too generous term.  Bureaucrats in Washington decide who can lease a piece of land for what activity, and environmental demands can conflict with each other.  The demands are usually political, and have little to do with environmental care.

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