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A Bad Day at Elephant Rock. by The Elephant's Child

Bad day.  Installing new faucet in kitchen sink.  Hoses wrong length, back to Home Depot.   One still not long enough, back to Home Depot.  Need teflon tape,  plumber’s putty. Back to Home Depot.  Part of faucet broken (from factory) must return, back to Home Depot.

Everyone hates Home Depot, largely because they don’t know everything they need for a small job and have to keep going back.  Partly because it’s hard to measure accurately, and easy to screw up. I think they call it transference — when you have to find someone else to blame for your own incompetence.

When you finally find someone to help you, they actually work in another department and don’t know how to answer your question.  But they will find someone who does, really soon.  Just stay right there.

Computer keeps freezing up.  When I highlight a line, it won’t go away.  Headache over left eye.  Nevermind.

Entire mail for the day is an expensive fold-out coupon on glossy stock from Chipotle, chirping that they use organic food from local farms, or was it sustainable food from organic farms –no, it was local food from sustainable organic farms, even if it’s more expensive.  Cross them off the list.  I don’t do “sustainable,” and “organic” is a marketing ploy without value, that costs about 30% more, and “local” in 30° rainy weather in early February is nonsense. Advertising copywriters need to get out a little more.

The new faucet looks wonderful, and works ever so much better. I’ll think of it all tomorrow, at Tara.  After all, tomorrow is another day.

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