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Barking up the Wrong Tree! by The Elephant's Child
February 7, 2011, 8:26 pm
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President Obama told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today that government and business “can and must work together.”

Rasmussen Reports found that 68% of likely U.S. voters believe that government and big business already work together against the interests of consumers and investors.  Their latest poll  shows that only 13^ disagree with that assessment, While 18 % are not sure.

The view that government and big business work together against the interests of others is shared across partisan, demographic and ideological lines.  Seventy percent of liberals and sixty-nine percent of conservatives share that view.

This indicates a massive chasm between Americans who seek freedom and self-governance and politicians who want to rule over them.

President Obama told the Chamber of Commerce today that “the role of government is to support the economic foundation by spending public money to improve transportation, education and communications systems.” Rasmussen’s earlier polling has found that 59% of voters believe that the primary purpose of government is to protect individual liberties and freedom.

That makes things fairly clear, doesn’t it.  Only 10% see managing the economy as government’s primary role.  24% see the government’s primary role as ensuring social justice.  And Americans consistently believe in lower taxes and lower government spending.

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Good to see these poll results. There is the potential for large common ground here among the two parties: END CORPORATE WELFARE NOW!

Problem is, what is corporate welfare for one federal politician is the source of campaign contributions or local jobs for another. Congress has been horse trading favors along these lines for so long that they hardly know how to behave otherwise.

Here’s hoping that one small, but significantly symbolic step will not be reversed: the end to earmarks.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

Isn’t the earmark ban only temporary? The problem is rent-seeking, and GE is the prime example. Way too much back scratching and subsidizing going on. When corporations get to write bills that enhance their bottom line, it has gone way too far. “Too big to fail” has only meant that poorly managed very large companies get swallowed up by other very large companies to become even bigger. It should go the other way. Poorly managed companies should be forced to downsize, or break up so they are more manageable. When companies become creatures of the government, they don’t always recognize that the government can use them, turn on them or destroy them. Way too crooked.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Yes, the earmarks is temporary. But one can hope that it will be extended, no?

Corporations getting to write bills that enhance their bottom line has been par for the course for the last several decades. See, for example, James Bovard’s extensive piece from 1995, “Archer Daniels Midland: A Case Study In Corporate Welfare”.

Or take Government Motors and the other Detroit Big Three … please! Or Boeing, or ….


Comment by Subsidy Eye

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