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Decline of U.S.Manufacturing? Just Another Myth! by The Elephant's Child
February 9, 2011, 5:25 pm
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Americans don’t make anything anymore.  All our stuff is manufactured in China.  That’s a siren song you hear everywhere.  But it simply is not true.

Americans manufacture more goods than any other nation on earth, by a very large margin.  American manufactured more goods in 2009 than the Japanese, the Germans, British and Italians combined. When we have the president of the United States suggesting that we are not competitive, and that government must invest in encouraging entrepreneurs, educating students and selecting which businesses should — with government help — succeed, he is not fairly describing our manufacturing sector.

It is absolutely true that the United States has lost more than 7 million manufacturing jobs since the late 1970s.  But that has happened even while manufacturing output has continued to climb and grow to new record levels every year.  The U.S produces 21% of manufacturing output, Japan produces 13% and China 12% according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

Fifty percent of the nation’s research and development is performed by the nation’s manufacturers, so don’t try to tell us that the government has to get into the business of fostering innovation for American industry.  The government is not a big source of ideas, and lots of government grants are pure waste.

But we hear that manufacturing plants are all closing.  Lost jobs.  More is being done with fewer people.  Computerization has meant that many tasks can be performed by a computer.  New machines can replace repetitive work.  Lost jobs are scary, but when a new machine costs a job in one plant, making those machines may mean many more jobs.  We cannot predict the future, we can only try to estimate probabilities.

The decline and demise of America’s manufacturing sector has been vastly exaggerated.  We still make all sorts of stuff, and we make more of it that ever before in our history.   We do it with a fraction of the workers that were required in the past.  Americans should take pride in our status as the world’s leading manufacturer.

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