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More Waivers to ObamaCare! by The Elephant's Child

I’m devastated to learn the Secretary Kathleen Sebelius doesn’t read our little blog.  She is apparently unaware that  Philip Hamburger, who is the Maurice and Hilda Friedman professor of Law at Columbia University, wrote in National Review Online that giving waivers to ObamaCare to selected groups, companies and individuals was clearly unconstitutional. “The president cannot simply decide who does and does not have to follow the law.”

Now she’s gone and done it.  It’s not quite clear why anyone needs a waiver to a law that has already been ruled unconstitutional, but Secretary Sebelius has now granted 915 waivers, up from the 733 waivers of just a couple of days ago.

“Waivers only last for one year and are only available if the plan certifies that a waiver is necessary to prevent either a large increase in premiums or a significant decrease in access to coverage. ”  Since as far as I can tell the PPACA  (ObamaCare) means a large increase in premiums for almost everybody, and is meaning an increase for many right now– everybody should get a waiver.  The waivers are for so-called “mini-med plans” which will be prohibited in 2014.  They are an affordable option for many workers, who will get to spring for something more elaborate or pay a hefty fine.

Maybe we can find lots more unconstitutional provisions in the 2000+ pages of this mess of a bill.  I notice that now they’re just calling it “the Affordable Care Act.” Sure.


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Here is another taste of Red tape for the
Health care industry !

I can’t wait for more rules and regulations.


Comment by Ron spins

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