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It’s Not Human Error, but “Pedal Misapplication” by The Elephant's Child
February 12, 2011, 8:03 pm
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One of the big news stories of 2010 was announced by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  “Toyotas are unsafe.

Congress leaped to respond.  Hearings were held.  Accusations.  Rep. Henry Waxman (D–Hollywood) and Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-NY) featured anecdotes about lethal acceleration. They accused Toyota executives of lying about the problem.  They accused Toyota executives of deliberately concealing what they knew.  Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill) referred to Toyotas as “killing machines.”  The mainstream media concocted stories based on the “killing machine” theme.  Toyota was fined a record $48.9 million for what the Obama administration considered its” inadequate response” to the crisis — three recalls involving some 12 million vehicles.  Toyota’s stock price and market share declined.

Um, Nevermind.

After an exhaustive ten-month $1.5 million investigation, assisted by the engineers at NASA (who apparently don’t do space any more) the United States government has officially concluded that there is no evidence whatsoever that there is any mechanical or electronic defect in Toyotas that would cause sudden, unintentional acceleration.  No killing machines.   No cover-up.  No comment from Henry Waxman or Bobby Rush. And no apologies!

Secretary Ray LaHood insisted, for the record, that his department’s findings did not suggest even the possibility of “human error.”  He even got testy with a reporter who used the human error term.  It was apparently a case of “pedal misapplication.”  Toyotas, he admitted, are safe to drive. This administration is really big on euphemisms.   “Pedal misapplication” indeed.

Toyota, a Japanese-based manufacturer of safe, efficient, popular and high-quality vehicles, had the misfortune to be conducting a successful, law-abiding business at the time when the  government was engaged in a financial takeover of General Motors.  The destruction of a major competitor couldn’t hurt.  The tort lawyers were looking for clients, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head and the Center for Auto Safety planned to set the stage for years of litigation against Toyota. And of course Toyota is not unionized.

This seems to be another example of an administration that operates on a Chicago-style basis.  If they decide that they don’t like you, they can bring to bear the full weight and power of the federal government to make your life unpleasant.

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In the late Eighty’s Audi had the same trial by media
witch hunt …and it was found people were hitting
the gas pedal.
I have had throttle springs break on me , the solution
is to turn the ignition off.
With my PRIUS it’s push the button that starts / stops
it.. it’s not rocket science.


Comment by Ron spins

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