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The Magnificent Michael Ramirez Has Got It! by The Elephant's Child

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Michael Ramirez, master of the visual metaphor, captures the moment.  See all his work at “In the pocket” is unfortunately all too accurate. I have been dismayed and startled at the cheap vulgarity of union signs.  They are making a major mistake.  They can bully politicians who want their money, but they cannot bully the American public.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Explains the Situation: by The Elephant's Child

All those screaming teachers who have shut down the schools in Madison, dragged bewildered kids along to demonstrate, and waved Hitler signs around, are  hollering ‘Kill the Bill” and insisting that the wicked Governor Walker is trying to deprive them of their rights.  The Governor is asking them to pay a small percentage of the cost of their health insurance, and a modest portion of the costs of their pensions — much less for each than most people in the private sector pay.

The Governor is not, as protesters claim, trying to “break the union.” He is required by law to balance the budget.  The unions are going to have to give up the right to bargain over their benefits, an impossible situation, or he’s going to have to lay off a big number of public employees. States cannot possibly continue to do that. An example: the teacher’s union has sued the state to force them to pay $700,000 for free Viagra for male teachers.

Public service unions should be abolished, and they certainly should not be allowed to strike against the public interest.  Every year in the fall,  just before it’s time for the kids to return to school, teacher’s unions strike for higher wages and benefits; although in most cases it is against the law for public service unions to strike.  Striking public employees should be fired promptly. There are limits.

Wind Farms Don’t Work! by The Elephant's Child

Photo Credit: Phil Carpenter Montreal Gazette

— A $200–million wind farm in northern New Brunswick is frozen solid and has been completely shut down for several weeks due to heavy ice on the blades.   GDF SUEZ Energy, the company that owns and operates the site is working to get the turbines back in working order.

“We can’t control the weather,” Julie Vitek said in an interview from company headquarters in Houston, Texas.  She said the conditions in northern New Brunswick have wreaked havoc on the wind farm this winter.   “For us, cold and dry weather is good and that’s what’s typical in the region.  Cold and wet weather can be a problem without any warmer days to prompt thawing, which has been the case this year.  This weather pattern has been particularly challenging.”

Wintery conditions also temporarily shut down the site last winter, just months after its completion. Some or all of the turbines were offline for several days with particularly severe icing blamed. Accumulated ice alters the aerodynamics of the blades, rendering them ineffective as airfoils.  The added weight further immobilizes the structures.

— In Wales, one of the coldest winters in a century saw Welsh people risking their health by switching off heating in the face of rising energy bills.  Some families plunged themselves into debt or went without food in an effort to afford to heat their homes.  The Bevan Foundation warns the Assembly Government will not meet its target of eliminating fuel poverty by 2018 with its current approach.

James Radcliffe, author of the report, said”we need to start thinking about alternative ways of tackling fuel poverty and helping people stay warm during the winter.  It is unacceptable that the UK has such a high rate of excess deaths over the winter compared to countries like Sweden which have even colder weather.

— Viv Forbes of Australia’s Carbon Sense Coalition has produced a new document intended as “a submission to the Australian Senate Enquiry into Wind Farms ” on the extraordinary costs of wind power generation both economically and environmentally:

Wind power is so dilute that to collect a significant quantity of wind energy will always require thousands of gigantic towers each with a massive concrete base and a network of interconnecting heavy duty roads and transmission lines.  It has a huge land footprint.

Then the operating characteristics of turbine and generator mean that only a small part of the wind’s energy can be captured.  Finally, when they go into production, wind turbines slice up bats and eagles, disturb neighbors, reduce property values and start brushfires.

Wind power is intermittent, unreliable and hard to predict.  To cover the total loss of power when the wind drops or blows too hard, every wind farm needs a conventional back-up power station (commonly gas=fired) with capacity of twice the design capacity of the wind farm to even out the sudden fluctuations in the electricity grid.  This adds to the capital and operating costs and increases the instability of the network.

—Let’s see.  You build a wind farm out in the boonies where there’s lots of wind because wind is free and it will serve all these hundreds of homes, but then you have to build new backup power plants and put in a new web of transmission lines, so already it’s way more expensive than just the wind farm alone or the power plants alone and the wind farms need major subsidies.

We simply have to make the wind farms work, or somehow get enough of them, because we are supposed to end all use of coal and natural gas as fuels by 2050.  The wind farm people were always talking about capacity and how many homes the capacity says would be served, but it turns out that wind farms operate at only 20-30% or less of capacity, and some times, not at  all, especially when it’s very cold and people really need power to heat their homes.

Having raised the cost of energy to astronomical levels, environmentalists want to permanently shut down cheap sources of energy which we have in abundance, because…?  Because wind and solar are so 21st Century?  They are the oldest sources of energy we know. We probably should learn something from the Dutch who are building nukes, and shutting down their wind farms.  The Dutch!

VIDEO: Obama, president OF the unions, BY the unions, FOR the unions by American Elephant

Obama chanting SEIU after promising, as president, to “paint the nation purple”. Almost everything this president has done since in office has been to pay back unions for getting him elected. The vast majority of stimulus money went to unions, both directly and indirectly. “Shovel ready projects”, “High speed rail” and “infrastructure” all have the same purpose — to grow the public unions and provide more compulsory union dues, which in turn are spent to re-elect Democrats, who then give more of your money to unions to get themselves elected.  This is why Democrats wanted to unionize the Department of Homeland security, and TSA. Not because it is in the nation’s best interest, and not to protect any fallacious rights (you dont have a right to strike against the people); they want to unionize as many workers as possible, because those union dues go directly to electing more Democrats.

It’s incestuous, inherently corrupt, patently unfair and by definition against the public interest.

Unions were major proponents for Obamacare, even though they already have healthcare, because they figure when Obamacare destroys the private healthcare industry (as it is designed to do), and the American people are left with no choice but to beg for government run socialized medicine — they can then turn around and demand that they KEEP the money that used to pay for their healthcare as salary.

Public employee unions are the most selfish, most corrupt groups in the nation. They are enjoying boom times on your dollars, on the dollars that are taken away from employers, on the dollars that are taken out of the economy to grow government. And their lavish salaries and benefits are bankrupting the states and the federal government. While the people who pay their salaries take pay cuts, and lose their jobs, public employees are getting raises, bonuses, and in the case of the Federal Government, Obama is freezing their pay for two years, which is utterly meaningless since they already make twice what you do.

Americans are on our side on this, they know the gravy train must be cut off. It is the right side, and I think we will win big.

But Republicans also need to make sure this sticks to Obama. This is who he is, a union organizer, a Chicago-Daly Machine thug as corrupt as they come, and its time Americans understood that. It’s imperative they understand it, before he can wreak any more devastation on the country than he already has.

So contact Republicans, contact your representatives, and Republicans in Wisconsin, and let them know you support them, and not to give in to the thuggery.

Public employee unions should be illegal, as they were until the 1960’s. No one who works directly for  the American people should be allowed to organize against them, or hold vital services hostage in demands for more wages. Even FDR was against public unions. As was our first union-dues paying president:

Now THAT is how to deal with these thugs!

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