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The Magnificent Michael Ramirez Has Got It! by The Elephant's Child

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Michael Ramirez, master of the visual metaphor, captures the moment.  See all his work at “In the pocket” is unfortunately all too accurate. I have been dismayed and startled at the cheap vulgarity of union signs.  They are making a major mistake.  They can bully politicians who want their money, but they cannot bully the American public.


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President Obama has weighed in once again with his
two cents.
It’s not an assault or union busting.

His comments on the Gates arrest was out of order

Now this has attracted the Communists
Dig the commie hat and terrorist scarf


Comment by Ron spins

At least most people were rejecting their literature. Yes, progressive fashionistas have been sporting the keffiyeh and keffiyeh inspired scarves for the past couple years. They’re all the rage. I dont know which is more disturbing — that half of them dont know what it is, or that half of them do.


Comment by American Elephant

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