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VIDEO: Obama, president OF the unions, BY the unions, FOR the unions by American Elephant

Obama chanting SEIU after promising, as president, to “paint the nation purple”. Almost everything this president has done since in office has been to pay back unions for getting him elected. The vast majority of stimulus money went to unions, both directly and indirectly. “Shovel ready projects”, “High speed rail” and “infrastructure” all have the same purpose — to grow the public unions and provide more compulsory union dues, which in turn are spent to re-elect Democrats, who then give more of your money to unions to get themselves elected.  This is why Democrats wanted to unionize the Department of Homeland security, and TSA. Not because it is in the nation’s best interest, and not to protect any fallacious rights (you dont have a right to strike against the people); they want to unionize as many workers as possible, because those union dues go directly to electing more Democrats.

It’s incestuous, inherently corrupt, patently unfair and by definition against the public interest.

Unions were major proponents for Obamacare, even though they already have healthcare, because they figure when Obamacare destroys the private healthcare industry (as it is designed to do), and the American people are left with no choice but to beg for government run socialized medicine — they can then turn around and demand that they KEEP the money that used to pay for their healthcare as salary.

Public employee unions are the most selfish, most corrupt groups in the nation. They are enjoying boom times on your dollars, on the dollars that are taken away from employers, on the dollars that are taken out of the economy to grow government. And their lavish salaries and benefits are bankrupting the states and the federal government. While the people who pay their salaries take pay cuts, and lose their jobs, public employees are getting raises, bonuses, and in the case of the Federal Government, Obama is freezing their pay for two years, which is utterly meaningless since they already make twice what you do.

Americans are on our side on this, they know the gravy train must be cut off. It is the right side, and I think we will win big.

But Republicans also need to make sure this sticks to Obama. This is who he is, a union organizer, a Chicago-Daly Machine thug as corrupt as they come, and its time Americans understood that. It’s imperative they understand it, before he can wreak any more devastation on the country than he already has.

So contact Republicans, contact your representatives, and Republicans in Wisconsin, and let them know you support them, and not to give in to the thuggery.

Public employee unions should be illegal, as they were until the 1960’s. No one who works directly for  the American people should be allowed to organize against them, or hold vital services hostage in demands for more wages. Even FDR was against public unions. As was our first union-dues paying president:

Now THAT is how to deal with these thugs!

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The Democrats hiding in Chicago seems rather
telling to me.
Whats gonna happen is they will have to return
….Sometime ….and face the music.

The Video of President Ronald Reagan
was refreshing.
Caution humor


Comment by Ron spins

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I am hoping they get hauled in by the State Troopers to emphasize the fact that what they are doing is a felony.


Comment by American Elephant

The Runaway Democrat’s may get a even harsher
punishment than just a felony.
The Runaway Democrat’s are losing in the court
of public opinion.
They must have seen the throngs of people in Egypt
demonstrating and achieving success with their cause
and thought a bold move like running like cowards would
bring public support.

It’s another smoke and mirrors, sweep it under the rug
tactic that Democrat’s are famous for.

Look what happened when a crisis was dealt with in a
adult manner , Think of a Wife with all of your credit
cards (when your at work) out spending like crazy and
when you try to take away the credit cards, she leaves
on another spending binge.


Comment by Ron spins

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