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Michael Ramirez Takes on the “Green” Economy. by The Elephant's Child

Michael Ramirez always has an appropriate comment on the political affairs of the day.  You can see all of his cartoons at  I stand in awe of his talent.

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When I clicked on the link to IBD I almost
died laughing with President Obama on a camel
in complete control.
Looking at your featured cartoon he is at the
controls of the green economy car.

I believe we can agree that he is the problem.
We need to vote that whole bunch out of office.


Comment by Ron spins

Pig in boots! Pig in boots! Must forward!


Comment by American Elephant

Here is Michael Ramirez’s latest cartoon
which is interesting , he seems to be implying
the price of oil is putting us in the poor house.

Wonder how long until President Obama waits
to tap the “emergency” Strategic petroleum reserve to save his political hide from $4.00
a gallon gas.
His re-election chances are zip with high gas
prices. short term response paper


Comment by Ron spins

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