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Seems Like a Good Day to Annoy a Liberal! by The Elephant's Child

What’s the Matter With Corporations? by The Elephant's Child
March 10, 2011, 8:47 pm
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Leftist protesters seem to always have it in for Big Business, or Corporations.  There was a lot of shrieking about corporations during the protests in Madison, which seems unusually odd since the whole dispute was about public employees and public sector unions, the governor, the legislature, local government and the law.  No corporations.  But it could be any protest. Leftists have it in for corporations.  They don’t like Big Business either, but it seems to be “corporations” that draw their ire. And I have to admit that I don’t quite get it.

It doesn’t seem to be bigness, I haven’t seen anyone carrying signs about “down with Big Movies”, or “down with Big Football”, or ‘Big Music,” corporate entities they may be, but nobody protests.  Corporations seem to be identified with Wall Street and Exxon, and a few other notable companies. Wall Street is viewed as the location where all the corporations live.  Could the protesters explain what a corporation is and what their specific complaint is? Probably not.  It is not logical, but a matter of seething emotion.

The whole thing undoubtedly segues into liberal hatred for “the rich.” CEO salaries and benefits are published in the annual reports of corporations and often picked up by the media, especially if they are especially large.  Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, and therefore titillating.  Forbes has just published their annual list of America’s richest people; it’s safe to assume that it sells lots of magazines, as other magazines write about the list.

America’s elites, the denizens of the humanities departments of our universities, unquestionably hate rich CEOs.  The elites have struggled to get their PhDs, and because they have them are credentialed as the smartest people — and yet here are ordinary businessmen getting astronomical salaries and golden parachutes — not professors!  Professors are stuck in lecture halls with bored students who don’t appreciate the life of the mind.

That kind of envy doesn’t make much sense.  The tenure of most CEOs is fairly short, ranging around 6 -7 years. You not only have to do most everything right, but you have to have good luck with the economy. Nobody keeps a CEO around for long who isn’t enhancing the bottom line.

So how does big business get big? There’s the business cycle kind of bigness, which means that when the economy is good and the outlook is good; salaries go up and assistants are hired, more machinery is purchased and offices are expanded.  Smaller competitors or suppliers are snapped up, and new products are added to the line.  Overenthusiasm and overreaching mean that some businesses fail.  When sales fall, some will be laid off.

Then there is the recession kind of increasing bigness.  When a large business fails, government often interferes.  If the business has a large number of employees, government often steps in and says this business is “too big to fail.” This is nonsense, but it is what  happens. Very Large Corporation is often encouraged to swallow Too Big To Fail business, and soon you have Enormous Corporation. If the object was to save jobs, it doesn’t work, for consolidated departments don’t need twice the employees. Enormous Corporation becomes too big and unwieldy and soon has to spin-off pieces. And that doesn’t even get into bailouts and subsidies.

Unfortunately when Congress starts making regulations about business, they usually make a mess of it, for they don’t understand business. In the recent Dodd-Frank business reform bill, the idea of “Too Big to Fail”— was never addressed, in spite of the damage it caused in our present recession.

Corporations are run by ordinary people. Some are good managers, and good to their people. Some are not. Public service is not the business of a corporation.  It is the business of a corporation to make money,nothing more. If so, then the people they hire can receive good salaries and the healthy business can generate innovation and ideas and fine products that make the economy grow.

We have NGOs (non-governmental organizations),  whose reason for existence is to do good works for society.  Unfortunately, they conceive their objective as raising money and lobbying governments to do their bidding.  Strange world indeed.

The Pathetic, Pitiful Protesters in Madison, Wisconsin. by The Elephant's Child

The Public Service employees in Wisconsin are going to have to get along with having their pensions and benefits determined by the legislature. Governor Scott Walker has achieved a significant victory for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  Public sector workers are going to have to pay a little more of their health care insurance, though not nearly as much as the rest of us out here in normal-land do. They can still bargain collectively over their wages, so all is not lost.

And they’re going to have to contribute a little more to their pensions.  Since most of the folks in normal-land  now have 401 (k)s, and our employers contribute differing matching funds, most people aren’t terribly impressed that the poor Wisconsin public servants aren’t going to get their future generous pensions completely for free.  Do you suppose that’s what they are shouting about when they claim they are fighting for freedom?  Freedom from having to pay anything?  Freedom to force the taxpayers to finance their golden years. Pathetic.

The protesters, especially those who are college students or have been sent down to Madison by some other union or are truly enraged.  You can tell by the speeches of Michael Moore, who doesn’t belong to a union, doesn’t live in Wisconsin, and is a multimillionaire cum rabble-rouser who wandered on down to rouse some rabble and get a little attention for himself.  They rant about “rights” as if they had a right to have taxpayers provide their generous benefits. The teachers were not striking  “for the kids” either.  They were protesting because their union told them to, for the benefit of the union.

Lawmakers have been threatened with death and physical violence.  The passion coming from liberal  legislators is understandable only if you are gullible enough to swallow their rhetoric.   Collective bargaining is not a civil right.  The bill does not kill the middle class, but saves their pocketbooks. Public sector unions kill jobs, and  seniority is rewarded over expertise. Common sense has prevailed.

Marizela Perez: Still Missing From Seattle Area by The Elephant's Child
March 10, 2011, 4:56 pm
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Michelle Malkin”s young cousin, Marizela Perez, a University of Washington student, is still missing in the Seattle area.  She has been missing since Saturday March 5, 2011.  Puget Sound area residents, please keep an eye out for her. If you live in another part of the country, but have friends or family in the Seattle area, please send them a link to this post, and to Michelle Malkin’s website.

The most updated flyer information being passed out by the family:


Name: Marizela Perez

Date Missing: Saturday March 5, 2011

Last Seen: 1-2 P.M. at the Safeway in University District
(4732 Brooklyn Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105) (this is CONFIRMED)

Possible Routes: Sound Link Light Rail stations, downtown/Chinatown areas, UW Seattle campus, U-district

Description – Asian female, 5’5” tall, 110 lbs, skinny build, asymmetrical bob with short bangs and brown/red highlights hairstyle, tattoo on left inner arm with the words ‘lahat ay magiging maayos’ (Tagalog, meaning ‘all will be well’), last seen wearing a dark hooded jacket, denim jeans, light brown suede laced boots, possibly wearing green eye contacts, possibly carrying a denim drawstring bag with rainbow butterfly screenprint (not the plaid backpack that was before mentioned) with a Macbook Pro laptop, taking medication for depression

Please contact if you have any information regarding this person:

Edgar: 609 – 646 – 0905

Jasmin: 609 – 742 – 2360

Mel: 206 – 760 – 1822

Joy: 609 – 742 – 2336

UPDATE:  Here is a PDF link to the latest flyer that Michelle and friends are distributing. With pictures of Marizela captured by surveillance cameras at the University District Safeway that show  what she was wearing when she disappeared. Feel free to print up and distribute/post the flyer or send the link to anyone you know in the Seattle area.

Here’s an image of the flyer and the latest update from Michelle, in case anything looks familiar:

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