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The Pathetic, Pitiful Protesters in Madison, Wisconsin. by The Elephant's Child

The Public Service employees in Wisconsin are going to have to get along with having their pensions and benefits determined by the legislature. Governor Scott Walker has achieved a significant victory for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  Public sector workers are going to have to pay a little more of their health care insurance, though not nearly as much as the rest of us out here in normal-land do. They can still bargain collectively over their wages, so all is not lost.

And they’re going to have to contribute a little more to their pensions.  Since most of the folks in normal-land  now have 401 (k)s, and our employers contribute differing matching funds, most people aren’t terribly impressed that the poor Wisconsin public servants aren’t going to get their future generous pensions completely for free.  Do you suppose that’s what they are shouting about when they claim they are fighting for freedom?  Freedom from having to pay anything?  Freedom to force the taxpayers to finance their golden years. Pathetic.

The protesters, especially those who are college students or have been sent down to Madison by some other union or are truly enraged.  You can tell by the speeches of Michael Moore, who doesn’t belong to a union, doesn’t live in Wisconsin, and is a multimillionaire cum rabble-rouser who wandered on down to rouse some rabble and get a little attention for himself.  They rant about “rights” as if they had a right to have taxpayers provide their generous benefits. The teachers were not striking  “for the kids” either.  They were protesting because their union told them to, for the benefit of the union.

Lawmakers have been threatened with death and physical violence.  The passion coming from liberal  legislators is understandable only if you are gullible enough to swallow their rhetoric.   Collective bargaining is not a civil right.  The bill does not kill the middle class, but saves their pocketbooks. Public sector unions kill jobs, and  seniority is rewarded over expertise. Common sense has prevailed.

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