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Odd Friday Facts For Facilitating Conversation, or Stopping It. by The Elephant's Child
April 8, 2011, 8:39 pm
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—1646: The Act for Setting Schools was established in Scotland.  By the end of the 18th Century, Scotland’s literacy rate was higher than any other country. Scotland became Europe’s first modern literate society. Intellectuals wrote for a genuine reading public.  By 1750 nearly every town of any size had a lending library.

—The period from 1817 to 1844 has been referred to as the Canal Era, in which some 4,000 miles of American canals were constructed at a cost of $200 million. The earliest and best were built by private businesses such as the Middlesex Canal in Massachusetts and the Santee and Cooper in South Carolina.  The Erie Canal was the most famous, its completion so anticipated that it collected an advance $1 million in tolls.  It was 4o’ wide, 4′ deep, and 363 miles long, all bordered with towpaths and 86 locks to raise and lower boats 565′.

I’ve got a mule and her name is Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal,
She’s a good old worker,
And a good old Pal
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal

We’ve hauled some barges in our day
Filled with lumber, coal and hay
And we know ev’ry inch of the way
From Albany to Buffalo

Low bridge! Ev’rybody down!
Low bridge, cause we’re coming to a town.
And you’ll always know your neighbor,
You’ll always know your pal
If you’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal

—In 1933, the Army of the United States totaled 137,000 men.  The U.S. Army was sixteenth in size in the world.  The French Army totaled 5 million men.

—The U.S Census of 1790 found that only 60 percent of the white population of well over three million remained English in ancestry.  There were 700 thousand of African descent, and tens of thousands of native Indians.  All the peoples of Europe were present in the country: 9% German, 8% Scots, 6% Scots-Irish, 4% were Irish, over 3 percent Dutch.  The remainder were French, Swedes, Spanish, and people of unknown ethnicity.

—The M1A1 Abrams tank weighs 70 tons. It is 11′ wide, and goes for ½ mile on a gallon of gas (30% less on ethanol).  For every ton of tank, we must ship 4 tons of fuel which cannot be airlifted. It must go by rail, and then ship.

Leadership? Perish the Thought. by The Elephant's Child

The Marvelous Michael Ramirez comments on Obama’s leadership style, and the pending government shutdown.  See more of his wonderful work at Investors Business Daily.  (click to enlarge)

Childish Temper Tantrums by Democrats. by The Elephant's Child

This is what Democrats do. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) arrived before a camera and microphone backed by 10-12 women holding pre-printed signs — “stand up for WOMEN”S HEALTH”— to say that:

This is probably one of the worst times we’ve seen because the numbers of people elected to Congress.  I went through this as co-chair of the arts caucus.   In 94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts.  Now they’re here to kill women.

You are allowed to have an abortion if you have been raped or it’s a matter of incest.  However, you have to keep a receipt.  Did you know that? It’s sort of like an old German Nazi movie. Show your papers!

Can we have a little deranged excess here? Republicans want to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which is a minor amount.  Planned Parenthood is a private organization,  not a governmental responsibility.  It is the largest abortion supplier in the country, quite capable of being self supporting. Clients would still get their abortions and birth control advice. They might have to have do a little more fundraising.  Kill women?  Nazis?

Media dupes, always ready to carry water for the Democrats, have been out in full-throated cry, trying to see who can rouse up the most rabble to be outraged that the Republicans are trying to cut a little spending and save the country from bankruptcy.

Federal Tax revenue: $2,179, 900,000,000 (roughly).   Federal Spending $3,534,127.000.000.  According to the U.S. Debt Clock.

In the previous times that the government has shut down, it has always been for a matter of a day or two, at most a week.  For most government employees it’s a day or two of vacation with pay.  If you are planning a trip to a National Park this weekend, you might be inconvenienced, if they can’t come to an agreement. Democrats want a shutdown.  The demagoguery is pre-planned, just as the signs are pre-printed.

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