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More Humor From the Washington State Legislature by The Elephant's Child
April 24, 2011, 4:25 pm
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I’ll admit it.  I can’t resist collecting examples of the liberal mind in action.  Here in the northwest corner of the Left Coast, our legislature is always interesting.  The left is remarkably dim about the laws of unintended consequences.

The state of Washington has pushed its citizens to buy electric vehicles through tax breaks and public-relations efforts as well as a hefty tax on gasoline (The state excise tax is the highest in the country, though in overall gas taxes, we are only 7th highest).  Now the legislature has noticed that drivers of electric cars are not filling up at the gas station.  They’re not paying their fair share of maintaining the roads.

After years of urging residents to buy fuel-efficient cars and giving them tax breaks to do so, now the Washington state lawmakers are considering a measure to charge them a $100 annual fee — the nation’s first electric car tax.

They haven’t passed it yet, but in the interest of fairness, should they then tax the hybrid owners $50 bucks a year? But what percentage of hybrid  driving is electric and what gasoline?

We get a good percentage of our energy from hydro, and there is no likelihood of any new or higher dams. Our governor wants to get rid of our coal-fired plant.  Liberals do not understand incentives or consequences.  If they made the tax exactly equal to incentives and tax breaks, then we would be back to where we were before they started messing around with deciding just what we should drive.

Do you suppose that they will learn anything from such a conundrum?

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