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The World’s Energy Picture Has Changed. Somebody Tell President Obama! by The Elephant's Child

The Wall Street Journal posted this remark from Physicist Freeman Dyson in the forward to “The Shale Gas Shock” a report just published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation:

[Author] Matt Ridley gives us a fair and even-handed account of the environmental costs and benefits of shale gas. The lessons to be learned are clear. The environmental costs of shale gas are much smaller than the environmental costs of coal. Because of shale gas, the air in Beijing will be cleaned up as the air in London was cleaned up sixty years ago. Because of shale gas, clean air will no longer be a luxury that only rich countries can afford. Because of shale gas, wealth and health will be distributed more equitably over the face of our planet

ADDENDUM: Do download the report and read it when you have time.  It’s only 36 pages. The usual suspects will  try to prevent America from a couple of centuries of clean, abundant lower-cost energy.  We all need to be informed so we can understand what is happening.

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A topic near and dear to my heart….This is information that needs to be widely disseminated.


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