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This is Being Posted on Many Websites, And Worth Repeating. by The Elephant's Child
May 8, 2011, 3:10 pm
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Interesting… Very-well advertised!

But as for the claim itself, it’s overly-simplistic, and off-base. As many of us noted, during the prior decade, that type of domestic & foreign policy is very-much inconsistent, with American conservative principles.

But also, some of us had warned, back in 2003, that our U.S. alliance with Pakistan could backfire, & that they were a much(MUCH!)-bigger threat, than Iraq.

But, another thing we pointed out in 2003, is, I’m afraid (since Obama will use it, to his benefit) now going to be on the public mind:

The fact is that Bill Clinton could have captured Osama bin Laden, but did not want to accept the offers, from Sudan & Afghanistan (but instead chose to “wag the dog”!).

And President Bush could likely have captured bin Laden, had he not taken his eye off the ball.

President Obama has indeed continued – and escalated – many of these policies, from the Bush administration (which in turn, were escalated from Clinton Administration policies, but very-different from the policies of the Bush41 administration).

The realism of Bush41, Scowcroft, Nixon, and Kissinger was replaced (as successful U.S. foreign policy doctrine), by the neoconservative and liberal internationalist ideology – a flawed, statist utopian vision.

While Obama may get a temporary boost right now, if he continues these types of liberal, expansionist policies, in both the foreign-policy and domestic arenas, it will greatly-damage his credibility, and harm him politically…

But, MUCH more-importantly, it will continue to damage our nation.

It is time (WAY past time!) that we say NO, to the ‘welfare-warfare’ Leviathan state.


Comment by Aakash

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