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Mitch Daniels is Not Running. Dang! by The Elephant's Child

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced that he is not running for the Presidency.  I’m very disappointed.

He had the most outstanding resume of any candidate so far. He served as on the mayoral staff of Richard Lugar, then when Lugar was elected to the Senate, as his Chief of Staff. Then Executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  He served as an advisor to President Reagan, then became President and CEO of the Hudson Institute.  He became Senior Vice President for Strategy at Eli Lilly, Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the George W. Bush administration, and has been a very successful two term Governor of Indiana.

His wife and four daughters are opposed to a presidential run, and Governor Daniels is putting his family before politics. A presidential run not only takes a potential nine-year commitment, but the venom and constant public eye are hard on a family. The Daniels family had a hiccup in their marriage, when Mrs. Daniels left for another man,divorced, married, divorced, and remarried Mitch Daniels within a very short period. A painful episode for a family, and bait for unending speculation and gossip.

You might read a bit about his resume to compare with that of other potential candidates. We’ve had three years of disaster with someone with only a pretend resume and no real experience. There’s a big difference between having a couple of titles, and having a large number of actual accomplishments.

Can’t say I blame him for rejecting the opportunity. He would have been a good president. I wish him well.

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Any Republican running on a platform of cutting Medicare and Social Security is playing Russian roulette with a semi automatic hand gun. You lose before you start.


Comment by Free Online Astrology

Sorry. The question is no longer do you want to keep Medicare and Social Security the way they are, or do you want to reform them. That option is no longer available. Social Security is already broke. Not enough money comes in to pay for current Social Security recipients. Medicare is going to go broke shortly.

The problem is not political, it is a matter of demographics. There are seventy-two million baby boomers beginning to retire this year, and in increasing numbers each year until 2024. There aren’t enough people paying in to cover these programs. If we act now the programs can be reformed in a way that will save current recipients and those who are close to retirement, and offer younger people a more secure future. If it gets kicked down the road with attempts to drastically raise taxes, to tax the rich (they don’t have enough money) it may well collapse completely. There isn’t any real choice, no matter how much Democrats demagogue.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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