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The Democrat’s Big, Enormous, Gigantic Lie Strategy by The Elephant's Child

Democrats believe you are stupid. At least they are sure that most voters are stupid. So they believe that a well-turned phrase, repeated endlessly by every liberal politician and pundit, will implant itself in your brain and no elaborate Republican explanation will be able to overcome it.

Republicans respect the American people, and believe that if things are honestly explained, people will understand what is in their own self-interest. Republicans are very big on individualism and believe that millions of people, each pursuing their own self-interest, will for the most part, work out pretty well.

The case in point is Medicare. Democrats have not quite got their talking points down yet, but watch for it.  It revolves around “Republicans are trying to kill Medicare” and “Paul Ryan is going to throw Granny off the cliff.” Scaremongering has always worked, to some extent, for Democrats.

Medicare, as you know it, has already been totally changed by the Democrats in  ObamaCare. ObamaCare is law.  It just hasn’t taken effect yet. The outrageous distortions about the Ryan Medicare reform plan are coming from the very people who are speeding up Medicare’s path to insolvency.

They had to get ObamaCare passed and make it financially plausible, so they cut Medicare reimbursements to doctors and hospitals by $575 billion, and used that to finance two massive new entitlement programs in ObamaCare.  Last month, the president proposed taking another $480 billion out of Medicare to lower the deficit. Democrats have put a hard cap on Medicare spending. No more open-ended Medicare entitlement.

Medicare—as you know it—is already gone.  Republicans are trying to reform it so that it can be preserved, not only for those age 55 and over, but as protection for everyone.

Democrats have cut payments to providers so deeply that doctors will stop taking Medicare patients or go broke.  Eighty-seven percent of doctors say they will stop seeing or will restrict the number of Medicare patients they see.

Last year. Medicare expenditures reached $523 billion, but income was only $486—leaving a $37 billion deficit in just one year. Every day 10,000 new individuals are becoming eligible for Medicare. Democrats are focused on the fact that the largest medical expenses come in the final years of life. To offer generous health-care for the rest of society, they have to whittle down the cost of old people. All those unnecessary attempts to prolong life when the old people are just going to die soon anyway can be eliminated, or at least cut back.

To make sure that the cost of Medicare is held down to pre-determined guidelines, an unaccountable, 15-member Payment Advisory Board will use price-controls to control costs. There is no recourse if you don’t like their decisions. None.


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