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Obama Gets in Trouble Without His Teleprompter! by The Elephant's Child

The new media, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, cellphone cameras and recorders have changed the political conversation permanently. You can’t get away with stuff as easily anymore. Politicians are a little slow to recognize this. It is hard to realize that something you say offhand will turn up as a parody on YouTube within hours. The video will circulate and be commented on in hundreds of blogs, reaching a far larger audience than your original speech.

President Obama, always not at his best without his teleprompter, made an offhand remark about ATM machines being an example of how machines were taking away the jobs of people who wanted to work.  The Luddites return. Here is his original remark, with the parody already posted on YouTube.

More troublesome, is the fact that he is just plain wrong. A local grocery store has the machine check-out that allows you to check out your own groceries and save time — it does save time, and  removes one checker, but it adds a wine steward and people at the deli and the bakery counter. A factory made the ATM machine and somebody services it and controls it, and it is very convenient fur customers.

Here’s another example of a very modern mechanized operation. I’ve toured sawmills before, a long time ago, when we had sawmills here in the West. There are more people employed here by far. Not only that, but the productivity increase is phenomenal. Each piece of the machinery used here was made in a factory that employed many people.

Besides, it’s really fun to watch an industrial operation and see how things are made.

Of course I’m not even including Obama’s unfortunate “shovel-ready” joke, that many found so unfunny. All of the president’s previous speeches and remarks about how the shovel-ready projects were going to supply so many jobs have been preserved, combined, and are now providing humor for Republicans.  But never fear, Republicans will misspeak and create humor for all.

The very young will not know, but when George H.W. Bush (41) was president, much was made of his visit to a grocery store and never having seen a scanner before. This was meant to show how patrician Bush 41 was, and how remote from ordinary people.  Never happened. The New York Times made it up. That’s not so likely to happen anymore. They tried to claim that Tea Party people were yelling racist remarks outside the capitol building as a group of black Congressmen passed by. Never happened, and proved by any number of videos of the moment. Everything has changed.

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¡Chihuahua, te queremos! by American Elephant
June 17, 2011, 2:17 pm
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‘Cus it makes me happy.

I think, but am not sure, the song is by Ozomatli  — who rock. That is all.

Corrections: The video came to me via @Toraradical on Twitter, who has a great blog of his own. And the song is by Juanlu Montoya. Thanks to SooperMexican, blogger AND illustrator,  for that.

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