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The Aussies Don’t Like Cap-And-Trade Either! by The Elephant's Child

Our friends down under elected a Labour candidate as their new Prime Minister, the first woman to hold the office in Australia.  Now they’re stuck with Cap-and-Trade, which will cost their economy dearly, and accomplish nothing at all. Even if you double the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it would mean only a possible one degree warmer, something that we can adapt to rather easily.

But on the eve of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon tax announcement, we learn that Australia’s primary schoolchildren are being terrified by lessons claiming that climate change will bring “death, injury and destruction” to the world unless they take action.  The Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University’s director Dr.Sue Stocklmayer said that climate change has been  portrayed as Doomsday scenarios with no way out.

Sounds like those videos of exploding children.  Green activists are so convinced of their own righteousness that they feel fine about trying to indoctrinate children by scaring them. Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett said the government would not stop the teaching of climate science, despite moves in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn.  The school activities are championed by the Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  (Sounds like it compares to our very own EPA.)

It sounds like a revolt is brewing.  One very well-informed Aussie woman took on Prime Minister Gillard, and won handily, and the video has gone viral in Australia.

Governments accept the IPCC reports as if they were gospel, question nothing, and have little understanding of the extent to which ordinary people are taking the trouble to learn about climate.  Perhaps it is catching— a worm in the brain that they pick up from other bureaucrats at important meetings.  The infection spreads and suddenly they are all preaching that they must DO something.  That train has already left the station.  The world is not running out of energy, the earth has been cooling for nearly 15 years, and foolish green ideas will play havoc with Australia’s carbon intensive economy.  People particularly don’t like it when you scare their kids.


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Cap and trade legislation is utter nonsense! A flawed political scheme, that would raise energy prices and reduce economic growth. Industries like manufacturing and construction would take a hit,but liberals who push this policies are unable to see the consequences because they frankly don’t care.Still more nonsense is this myth of carbon emissions contributing to global warming. The facts show in the last 4 billion years, the planet ‘Earth’ has gone through many temperature fluctuations. Our climate is more effected by the ocean temperatures. Carbon emissions have little or no effect on the Earth’s climate.


Comment by Douglas Allen

Actually we cant adapt to 1 degree warmer. There would be drought in many places and we will see food prices sky rocket as a result. Unless we build a super GMO crops that can outstand the heat. You have to remember that 3-4 degrees cooler caused the ice age. Actually the world is running out of fossil fuel energy. There are only 46 years of oil left and we reached the hubert’s peak on that. Coal we have 146 years or so left and same goes for gas. It has been widely proven that coal is bad for the health and environment due to traces of sulfur and carbon monoxide. So why not switch when we can and not have our children goes through the Hubert’s peak of coal.


Comment by aaron choi

Of course we can adapt. We can adapt to temperatures of 20 below zero — I have, and I have adapted to temperatures well over 100. I prefer the moderate 70s if I have a choice. Actually warmer temperatures encourages more evaporation and thus more moisture in the air. The world is NOT running out of fossil fuels. The discovery of methods of extracting oil and gas from shale rock have increased our reserves all over the world. The United States alone has well over a hundred year supply of known reserves. Cold is far more troublesome than warm. The planet has been cooling slightly for the last 15 years. The earth is always warming and cooling. It has been far warmer in the past, and the Medieval Warm Period was considered the finest climate known to man. It has also been far colder, as it was during the Maunder Minimum. The only place where you can find catastrophic global warming is in the computerized climate programs which cannot even predict the temperatures of today. We don’t know enough about the nature of climate to develop useful climate programs. They consist of some known facts, lots of extrapolations, and lots of wild guesses.
Climate alarmists fail to rigorously test hypothesis using physical observations. They assume that results are evidence of cause. They assume a thorough knowledge of the climate system. They assume that projections from unverified models are scientific knowledge. They ignore scientific data that is contrary to model conclusions. They assume that a poor correlation is evidence of cause.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I would have to disagree. Humans can survive the cold as we have during the ice age. But the warmer temperatures will cause heavy drought as it will evaporate even the moisture in the air ie) deserts. Our food system will eventually collapse. You are right climate is too complicated and too many variables to put it in a full verified model. But most of these models do a very well estimates and projections better than what you are stating. You are right we might be in a natural warming stage.. but the temperature has been shooting up far too quick and that rise correlates to the time when humans have been increasing their industrial output. What we know so far is that, we are cutting down trees which is decreasing amount of oxygen in the air. We are putting out more sulfur oxides, carbon monoxides, and carbon dioxides which react pretty easily with O3. And because there are less trees, there are less oxygen going into the air to replete O3. All the free O’s are reacting with these ‘carbons’ and ‘black carbons’. These are the basic atmospheric chemistry at work. So I believe that in order to put things back in order so that we can let the nature do its work, we have to cut less trees and burn less fossil fuels. You are right the planet has been cooling. This is due to 1. sulfur effect where actually heavy amount of sulfur kinda helps to deflect the sunlight a bit (the reason why temperature in China actually cooled down a bit) But soon that will die down as more sulfur are coming down to earth in sulfuric acid. 2. The melting of glaciers are also cooling it down with more cold moisture in the air. Feel free to comment. As I find this space a bit more friendly than some of Australian blog sites where they just throw virtual feces at me.


Comment by aaron choi

We are, at present in a natural cooling phase. The planet has been cooling slightly for nearly 15 years. We have more forests than we did 100 years ago. Carbon dioxide CO2 is a natural fertilizer, and makes plants, both forests and food plants grow faster, resist drought and cold. Over the past century, global average temperatures increased by roughly one degree, and the present cooling has pretty much obviated that. There is lots of material here on climate. Use the search function just over Bob Hope’s head.

An excellent book on climate is Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Earth: Global Warming the Missing Science and Bob Carter has a new book.

You have fallen prey to global warming alarmists. You might notice that Al Gore — the most alarmed warmist of all— isn’t alarmed enough to affect his lifestyle. Huge home, huge motor yacht, waterfront condominium ( what about those rising seas?) and constant private jet travel spewing carbon across the globe again and again. Alarmism has made him very rich. Global Warming is not about science, it is about politics, and always has been.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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