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Barack Obama, Engineering Genius, Outstanding Businessman! by The Elephant's Child

Jonathan Last says that he has a Volt in his neighborhood, and there’s a Volt that parks in his garage at work, so he sees almost 0.1 percent of all the Volts in America on a daily basis.

Chevy sold 281 Volts in February, but that was a good month. They sold 125 in July. Nationwide!  All together they have sold close to 2,700 Volts. GM claims that the reason the Volt isn’t selling is that they can’t keep enough cars on the lot, so they are going to increase production to 5,000 Volts per month  to keep up with the raging demand. Obama has ordered the government to buy lots of Volts for government fleets, so perhaps that’s where the increased production is going. You thought that when you didn’t buy one, you wouldn’t have the pay for one. Surprise! You get to pay for a very large fleet.

Obama’s environmental allies, in this case Ceres — a collection of public employee pension plans, green activists, churches, green investors and government officials—is running a radio ad that claims that a 60 mpg EPA vehicle mandate will actually make the auto industry more profitable.

“A recent study found that under strong fuel efficiency standards, the auto industry would see increased profits — most of which would go to Big Three automakers,” intones the ad, timed to coincide with Obama’s introduction of new mpg rules this morning.

In 2007, Candidate Obama, a Harvard Law trained social activist, came to Detroit to lecture automakers on how, if elected, he would change their “failed” business model:

For years . . . whenever an attempt was made to raise our fuel efficiency standards, the auto companies would lobby furiously against it, spending millions to prevent the very reform that could’ve saved their industry,” he lectured. “Automakers still refuse to make the transition to fuel-efficient production because they say it’s too expensive. The auto industry is on a path that is unacceptable and unsustainable – for their business, for their workers, and for America. And America must take action to make it right. That’s why my first proposal will require automakers to meet higher fuel standards.

“The facts are clear, a 60 mpg standard will restore American automakers to a place of global leadership” says the Ceres ad.

The theory is that engineers have the battery technology to make a 60 mpg SUV — but Big Auto hides it in a back room to favor the oil companies over their customers.

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