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It’s Not Obama’s Fault — It’s the Tea Party Terrorists! by The Elephant's Child

The market dived by 634.75 points today, and Obama hastened to the nearest microphone to say— it isn’t his fault!  Standard & Poors is wrong, and it’s the Tea Party’s fault.  Even John Kerry made an appearance to say it’s the Tea Party’s downgrade, so it must be so. This is the strategy — portray those earnest people who were elected by the American people specifically to cut spending — as loons and crazy people — terrorists. That should work.

So how do we put Americans back to work?  The Liberals solution to the unemployment problem  is…?  Oh come now, unemployment has reached 9.2 percent and dropped to 9.1 percent only because a whole bunch of people quit looking and dropped out of the market.  The Tea Party people have all sorts of ideas about how to get business hiring again, how to improve the economy.  That’s what we have been debating.  That’s why Liberals are calling them terrorists. They call them terrorists because they don’t like their ideas.  But what are the Liberals ideas?  (cricket noises)

Conservatives are trying to solve these problems. They have ideas about solving our monstrous debt problem that over several years creates a path to solvency.  The Liberal’s way to solve the debt problem…?  Raise taxes?  Conservatives have ideas about how to reform entitlements without harming current recipients and those who are close to retirement, yet reforming the program for those who are over ten years away from retirement.  Liberals say you can’t touch Social Security! And call anyone who suggests such  ideas — terrorists. Conservatives have suggestions for reforming Medicare, but Liberals say you can’t touch Medicare!  But they will cut way back on what the government pays providers, without any idea that providers might then stop providing.

They have no answers, no suggestions.  They speak in focus-group-tested words. You can tell because they all say exactly the same words at the same time.  Talking points.

Conservatives and Tea Partiers have lots of ideas about how to get the economy going again. Cut the corporate tax so that it is more in line with the rest of the world.  The Small Business Administration says that government rules and regulations are costing small business around $10,000 per employee. Iain Murray explains that a company with 10 employees would have to make $100.000 in profit just to break even.  Remove the rules and regulations and they could use that money to hire. The mere threat of more regulation keeps business from taking a risk. The Liberals answer to this problem is…?

Lift the restrictions on the oil-drilling platforms — the ones that are left — ten have moved on to other countries that actually want to drill. Get the permits issued.  Let the Gulf go back to work. Rein in the EPA that seems intent on issuing unnecessary rules and regulations that accomplish nothing, and kill jobs by the thousands.  That would even bring more revenue to the government without raising taxes on anyone. How about allowing companies to mine vitally needed rare minerals on federal lands. More revenue for the government, more jobs.

And the Liberals ideas for helping business?  Raise their taxes, raise their costs for health care, raise their costs for energy, and issue more regulations.

There really isn’t any choice.  It isn’t a problem that can be kicked down the road.  It’s a demographic problem looming over Medicare and Social Security. The first baby boomers are reaching 65 this year. And their numbers increase exponentially every year until the peak year of 2025, when the numbers  gradually begin to decrease.  The Liberals don’t have any ideas about how to deal with that either. At least they haven’t come up with any yet.

But you have to watch out for those Tea Party Terrorists — they might inflict an idea on you!

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