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This is Leaning Forward? by American Elephant
August 12, 2011, 7:15 pm
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Al’s latest and greatest will surely join the archives of great moments in Democrat oratory. (Couldn’t help but notice whilst mocking-up this parody that the font msnbc chose for the “lean forward” tagline is called “agenda”. How appropriate!)

(h/t Larry O’Connor)

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I take it, Al did’nt get an ‘A’ in English 101 at Bellevue CC

Comment by Douglas Allen

Haha! I don’t think Al even knows where that is.

Comment by American Elephant

At least Sharpton never even got close to winning his party’s nomination for president. Unlike some others prone to gaffes:

Comment by Subsidy Eye

What really bothers me is stupid, jingoistic statements like, “there is not a single country on Earth that wouldn’t trade places with us. Not one.”

Did Obama take a pole of national leaders? Has he actually made that offer (to trade places) and gotten a wave of affirmative responses? Did Sweden, for example, say. “Yup, when do we effect the move?” Did Australia start calling the relocation services?

Comment by Subsidy Eye

Whoops. Wrong string for the last one.

Comment by Subsidy Eye

That’s true, Subsidy, Sharpton never got close to winning his party’s nomination, but he has been given a show by the most elite of “progressive” elites — those who consider themselves the arbiters of who is and who is not intelligent. And they have declared him one of them, the best they have to offer.

Meanwhile the people who DID win their parties nominations include Vice Presidential nominee criminal & world reknowned skeezebag John Edwards, John Kerry & the mentally disturbed & unstable Al Gore, both of whom were worse students than Bush, and Barack Obama who refuses to release his school records and who, in addition to being extremely gaffe-prone is in the midst of destroying the national and world economies, (the poor, minorities & elderly hardest hit) the Constitution & the rule of law.

I’d say the Republican party wins that pissing contest in a landslide, as the first opportunity voters had after seeing what Democrat governance looked like. 😀

Comment by American Elephant

I’d say the Republican party wins that pissing contest in a landslide, …

Uh, huh. I guess you’ve airbrushed out Spiro T Agnew and Richard Nixon out of the picture.

Mentally disturbed and unstable Al Gore? Do you have a link to some psychiatrist’s records giving such an assessment?

In any case, I am not arguing that the Democrats are any better than the Democrats, only that the Republicans should not be so smug.

Comment by Subsidy Eye

A little cranky, are we? The post is simply a respectful giggle at the act of getting one’s tongue all tangled up. At some point it has happened to most of us. And add in a little snarky laugh at MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign. Check out Google images on that one.

Comment by The Elephant's Child

Strange! I always that it was “Lien Forward”.

Comment by Soquel by the Creek

Good one!

Comment by The Elephant's Child

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