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Better Care? No. Less Cost? No. Then Why? by The Elephant's Child
September 24, 2011, 8:09 pm
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The Ohio Department of Insurance asked benefit consultants Milliman, Inc to prepare an estimate on the impact on insurance coverage and insurance rates of ObamaCare when the major provisions actually took effect in 2014.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) could cut the number of uninsured Ohio residents by 790,000 in 2017, but it could increase insurance premiums for the 735,000 residents who have individual coverage by more than 55%.

660,000 are expected to lose their group coverage from employers. A 735,000 increase in individual coverage is expected.  New tax credits are supposed to help individuals earning less than 400% of the federal poverty level pay for coverage, but U.S. residents with incomes over 400% of the federal poverty level who are individual market would have to pay for the coverage out of their own pockets.

Expect premium increases of 55 – 85%.  Add in the additional taxes within ObamaCare and caused by ObamaCare. This is part of the design to force everyone into a single-payer plan.

It’s no wonder Democrats put this together in back rooms, without any input from Republicans or from the people,  and forced it through. The people hate it, and the battles in the courts continue.

“Unexpectedly,” the bright new ideas of the Obama administration are issued just when other countries are giving up on them. Britain and Canada are trying desperately to find ways to reform their government-run health care and get back to a closer doctor–patient relationship.

Spain found that clean green energy and green jobs are a disaster for the rest of the economy. Denmark has lots of wind turbines, onshore and offshore, and has the highest energy costs in Europe. Chile has reformed their social security system with private accounts and the people love it.  If you don’t learn from the experience of others, you are doomed to repeat their failures.

Why anyone would want to return a political party to office that had so abused the trust of the American people is beyond my understanding.


They Told Us, We Just Weren’t Paying Attention! by The Elephant's Child

Liberals have been telling us, for years, that they wanted Single-Payer Government-Controlled Health Care. Why they would think that this is a good thing is completely beyond me. But then Liberals have never been particularly known to pay attention to evidence.

They believe in Big Government, which proves my contention that they don’t pay attention to evidence. So I guess it follows that they would assume that government would do a better job of health care than all those medical people.  I guess when they look at Britain’s National Health Service, they only see people going to the doctor and not having to pay. Is that what they so admire? Or is it just the sheer power that they want so much?

We have government-run, single-payer health care in many countries, and it simply does not work. The systems are all going broke. England has been the longest participant, and bears the closest watching. Unsurprisingly, the bureaucracy of NHS is far larger than the number of people who actually do medicine. Liberals always look at what they hope it will be. Reality, on the other hand, is not so favorable.  There are always unintended consequences, and with liberals, they’re usually pretty major.

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