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A Note For Those Fearful of Vaccinations: by The Elephant's Child

The year was 1347, when what came to be known as The Black Death appeared. It was an amalgam of three diseases: bubonic plague, septicemic plague, and pulmonary plague.  The first two were spread by fleas carried by the black rat, the third was an airborne variant. It spread from 1347 to 1350 before dying out.

Cautious estimates say that one-third of the population of Europe perished. In England approximately 1.4 million – 2 million in England died.  Eight million died in France, and thirty million in Europe as a whole.

The Black Death was a decisive point in the decline of the European feudal system. By the year 1230, the population of England had reached approximately six million.  Not until the middle of the 18th century did the population of England reach this number again.


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