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When Politics Gets Nasty: by The Elephant's Child

There was quite a kerfuffle about a large acreage that Governor Rick Perry’s father leased as a hunting spread many years ago. It seems that when it was first leased,  a large rock at one entrance to the property featured the words “n-(offensive word)-head” which were painted over as soon as the Perry’s leased the land.  The rock was 5′ in one direction, so it really was big. The Washington Post had a lengthy article exposing “the scandal.” Herman Cain announced that he could not support Rick Perry, and the fact that a rock once bore those words was offensive.

Political insiders pointed out that this is the kind of thing that comes from opponent research, and by a process of elimination suggested that it came from the Romney camp.  The offending rock not only was not painted by the Perrys, who never owned the property, but merely leased hunting rights, was painted over shortly after they leased the property, and to be sure that it didn’t show through, at some point the rock was turned over, or down.  As sleazy insinuation goes, this is pretty sleazy.

This is what most of us hate about politics.  Give us a good juicy scandal, if it is true, but don’t do silly stuff and try to make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear.

During the Bush administration, all the accusations, imagery, and name-calling were of the Hitler/Nazi/ and Fascist variety.  Try Googling ‘Bush Hitler images.’ Now they’re into racism. The Tea Party, they claim, is racist, without the slightest evidence. Anyone who criticizes the president’s policies is racist. Anyone who does not go along with his programs is racist.

We have a lot of problems. When we cannot share ideas, discuss different approaches, or even disagree without being called names, we’re in a bad way. The object is to fix the problems.

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Let’s not over-generalize. I think that the majority of the U.S. population, including most Democrats, do not equate criticism of President Obama or his policies with racism. On the other hand, plenty of lower-life critics do seem to relish portraying the president as a closet Muslim, typically by stressing his middle name, Hussein, and occasionally changing his family name to Osama.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

I ran into this article on Don Surber this morning, and this at Commentary. I visit a lot of conservative wesites, but havn’t seen any”closet Muslim” claims for several years.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Fair enough. I’ve been talking mainly with fellow caucasians, and most do not think that Republican opposition is motivated by race prejudice. (Rather, most regard opposition to Obama as arising either from ideological differences or ignorance.) I gather from the polls that I would hear a different story talking to African Americans.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

You’d hear a different story from the far left as well. I have never heard any conservative or Republican who was concerned about anything but policy. Republicans think Keynesian economics has been proven wrong so many times that they can’t believe Democrat devotion. And Republicans are pretty uniformly opposed to Big Government. Lots else we differ on, of course.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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