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Obama Tries to Put a Good Face On a Big Blunder. by The Elephant's Child

The storyline that plays in Obama’s head is clearly different than the one that plays in mine.  Peter Wehner, who served in the Bush administration and writes now frequently at Commentary magazine’s Contentions blog, wrote recently that he thought that Obama has a heroic vision of himself in his head which just doesn’t allow reality to intrude.

This is so odd.  Does he really think he’s doing a good job? Is he telling a story that he hopes the rubes will believe? Does he believe what he says?  Does he think this story is the one that his base will like and thus believe?  Is he just trying to put a good face on an administration blunder, for public consumption?

This article from the New York Times gives some of the back story, and suggests that negotiations are ongoing, but Iraq needed a clear break to signify Iraq’s own sovereignty.

Here is the transcript of the Weekly Address, should you want to consider what the president had to say more closely. Here’s how Scott Johnson of Powerline describes the address.

 Obama fits both Libya and Iraq into a “larger story.”  In this address he is bringing it all back home, you might say.  To the themes of R2P, collective action, and strategic retreat, Obama adds the clear McGovernite note that America is coming home to turn its attention to the important things involving projects in which we have “invested” too little.  He really couldn’t be much clearer.

Pretty depressing.


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