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Points to Ponder! by The Elephant's Child

In San Francisco, a teenager is not allowed to visit or use a tanning salon; but a teenager can get an abortion without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

In San Francisco, you may eat all the sushi you want: but if the regulation passes, you cannot keep a pet goldfish.

Old growth trees are noble and precious and protected from harvest; people grown old, are denied medical treatment deemed too expensive by the government.

Go figure.

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Such i the way of California, especially San Francisco. It does actually make sense, but only if one can bring themselves to understand the very disgusting context involved.

Of course, understanding the populations controlling San Francisco is an effort best undertaken by profilers who are trained to recover normalcy after twisting their thoughts into unnatural pathways.


Comment by jonolan

There was a time when residents of the Bay Area dressed up to go to” the city”—hats and gloves kind of dress up! Obviously a long time ago.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

San Francisco turned into Sodom decades ago. Worse, it seemed to take the rest of the state with it, though LA has to share the blame.

You’re right though; a long time ago the Bay Area was full of good American people – and foreign transplants striving to become American.


Comment by jonolan

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