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That Bit About the Promise of Clean Wind Energy? Nevermind. by The Elephant's Child

— There’s quite a shift going on in Britain.  Headlines in the papers are an indication.  From The Independent: Hard-up UK puts climate change on back burner: Report finds Britons more concerned with keeping warm than worrying about the environment. 

— From The Irish Times: Hogan shifts policy on climate change as Bill ‘not a priority’ : a RADICAL shift in policy on climate change is to be outlined by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan today, when he announces that a climate change Bill is not a priority.

— From Scotland on Sunday: ‘Fracking’ for gas given the green light, A FIRST licence for the controversial gas drilling technique known as fracking has been granted in Scotland — with more likely to follow.

— From Business Green: Cameron side-steps call to intervene in solar subsidy fiasco. Labour MP Alan Whitehead warns planned cuts to feed-in tariffs will have “devastating effect” on community schemes.

What’s important here is that the messages are coming from government. The journalists are, of course, green as ever, but governments are shifting in publicly announced ways.

The shifts are gingerly, tentative, but the rise in the cost of energy is real and big.  Those costs are putting way more people in the British Isles into what they call “fuel poverty.” Being unable to afford enough fuel to keep warm. People have died from the cold, and the choice is often between eating and paying the fuel bill. This has been an increasing problem for several years. Was it last year that many were buying cheap used books at jumble sales to burn. or was it two years ago?

In the meantime, the alarmist case for global warming is falling apart. The IPCC is wallowing in scandal as their associations with the World Wildlife Fund become known, and it is learned that grad students were “expert reviewers”. The discovery of worldwide abundance in natural gas in shale deposits with new technology for extracting it; a technology that combines long-tested techniques that insure its safety.

The Greens are much stronger as political parties in Britain and in Europe. Europe, too is suffering from doubling of energy costs, and they are beginning to wake up to the failure of the promises of alternative energy. Denmark, the country most deeply invested in wind, and offshore wind, has the most expensive energy in Europe.  Things are shifting.

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