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Why Is This a Thanksgiving Tradition? by The Elephant's Child

Thanksgiving traditions:  Every year the media announces the rise in the cost of the Thanksgiving dinner, with special focus on the per pound cost of the turkey, and how it has been affected by inflation.  That is followed by the rise in the cost of Thanksgiving travel by car or air, a discussion of how crowded airports are, miserable highway traffic and a weather report — preferably hazardous.

Why do they do this?  Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy time of family traditions, football rivalries, and gratitude for the blessings of the year. So here comes the news guy who has to work on the holiday and miss dinner?  Or is he the fellow who just got divorced and has no place to go?  Why is he trying to spoil the day for the rest of us?  I find it a little — odd!


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Sometimes it’s good to spare a thought for our wounded vets & their challenge to rehabilitate. Makes our inconveniences pale by comparison and is a reminder to us to be more grateful, less whiny.


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