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Climategate 2.0: A Pattern of Deception and Collusion! by The Elephant's Child
November 27, 2011, 8:58 pm
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The Climate meeting in Durban is just opening, and the new batch of ClimateGate e-mails —Climategate 2.0 — is dominating environmental news. “They not only reveal bias, but also some private doubts among the core scientist faithful about the scientific basis for the IPCC’s policy goals,”as climate scientist Roy Spencer explains.

In trying to learn about a subject as complex as climate, scientists may have diametrically opposing views on some matter, even given the same evidence. They may come to completely different conclusions about what their measurements mean. Scientists are humans with biases.

The problem with climate science, as we now refer to ‘global warming,’ is that governments got all excited about “saving the planet” and funded that research which would look for the causes of global warming and the problems that would result from that warming.  In other words they funded one side of the question, and neglected to fund any science intended to demonstrate that warming and cooling were natural phenomenon.

The funding — grants, prestige, facilities, equipment, assistants — was not only plentiful, but encouraged anyone in any sort of scientific field to write a grant proposal that would make their specialty important to climate. That biases appeared is not surprising. That some would go too far in defense of their own biases is unfortunate, and revealed by this new release of Climategate 2.0 emails.

Ever since NOAA’s James Hansen chose the hottest day of summer in Washington DC to warn Congress about the out-of-control warming of the earth, and how they must act to save the planet, Congress has encouraged the investigation.  Dr. Hansen also provides us with an example of the rewards for the warmist, as his “outside” earnings from speeches, appearances, and protests have topped $1 million. Outside income that he neglected to report to his institution.

Dr. Roy Spencer has written a generous essay on Bias in Scientific Research, Climategate 2.0, and the scientists who supported the IPCC efforts.  The IPCC was founded over 20 years ago to support political and energy policy goals, not to search for scientific truth.

For the Climategate 2.0 emails, go to Anthony Watt’s blog” Watts up with that“, or to Mark Moran’s Climate Depot, or to Steven Milloy’s  It’s great fun. They validate everything the skeptics have been saying for years.

It is almost impossible to estimate the total of the vast wasted sums spent by governments (plural) on policies and programs derived from climate change: the race to eliminate carbon in all its forms, the attack on coal mines, the attack on offshore oil drilling, electric cars, wind farms, solar arrays, the EPA and all its regulation, the Department of Energy and all its grants and subsidies, the ‘smart grid,” Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth, the Chicago Carbon Exchange, the 20,000 old folks who died from fuel poverty in Britain last year, down to all the advertising that brags about how “green” a business is. A pox on all of it. The damage done by this delusion is incalculable.  As Christopher Booker says in The Telegraph:

The scare over man-made global warming is not only the scientific scandal of our generation, but a suicidal flight from reality.

Do read up on this story.  It’s important to understand what is going on, and to try to understand the consequences of all this deception. It affects everything, absolutely everything.

MoveOn.Org Holds a Suburban ‘Occupy’ Event by The Elephant's Child

We apparently had an Occupy event in the Seattle suburbs a week ago, and I missed the whole thing. There was a picture in the paper of a number of people holding signs, numbered from one to ten, and a brief article that said the demonstration —which consisted of a bunch of people standing around on a street corner in one of the most upscale suburbs (median income $129,000) — was organized by The signs, derived from MoveOn’s ten-point philosophy read:

  1. Invest in America’s Infrastructure
  2. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
  3. Invest in Public Schools
  4. Offer Medicare for All
  5. Make Work Pay
  6. Secure Social Security
  7. Return to Fairer Tax Rates
  8. End the Wars and Invest At Home
  9. Save the American Dream
  10. Strengthen Democracy

President Obama said that the movement’s aims were one of the reasons he ran for president, so he has claimed it.  The most notable thing about the Occupy camps, aside from the squalor and crime, has been the incoherence of their statements about why they were protesting.

—We tried investing in America’s infrastructure to the tune of $825 billion wasted.
— Obama is shutting down the 21st century energy jobs as fast as he can, unless you mean “green” energy jobs. That was always a pipe-dream. There aren’t any.
—The one thing our public schools don’t need is more money. They have spent it on unnecessary administrative expansion, and continued to deprive classrooms of funds.
—Medicare is broke. Medicare for all is a joke.  It must be reformed to save it. —”Make Work Pay” What does this mean ? The usual way is to work hard and get promoted because you are a valuable employee.  A job is a cost to business — you have to be worth it.
Social Security is broke. It cannot be “secured,” it can be reformed.  —”Return to fairer tax rates?” The Bush tax cuts lowered taxes for everyone. The bottom 40% pay no income tax, and contrary to leftist rhetoric, the “rich” got the least percentage cut. Democrats are sure that if you just raise the tax rate on “the rich” to 80% then you can do all these other fantasies. Sorry, the rich don’t have enough money.  Won’t work.
— President Obama is “ending the wars,”and probably giving away all the gains our military achieved. Invest in what? Obama has “invested” $825 billion and it was not only a complete waste, but has hurt economic growth in the future through uncontrolled spending.
— You cannot save the American Dream by increasing the size and overreach of government, increasing spending, and increasing regulation. The American Dream is a result of free markets and free people.
Strengthen Democracy — this does not compute. You cannot strengthen democracy by increasing socialism and the welfare state. Increasing socialism leads to tyranny.

The Occupy movement has no aims that anyone has expressed, other than they want someone else’s money. They want someone else to pay their taxes, someone else to pay their student loans, someone else to provide a nice comfortable place for them to camp, someone else to provide bathrooms and food. They profess non-violence, yet refuse to obey police orders, tolerate rape, drugs, drunkenness and assault. They cannot articulate why they are there and are deeply uninformed about the very things they claim to be protesting about. It’s not a movement.  It’s a joke.

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