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Rick Perry Pokes a Little Fun at Himself! by The Elephant's Child

The Dept. of Energy Wastes Another $230,000 of Your Money To Explain What “Green Jobs ” Are. by The Elephant's Child

That government department that Rick Perry couldn’t remember at the moment— the Energy Department—has awarded a $230,000 contract to the Association of Energy Services Professionals to develop a website on energy efficiency jobs — but the DOE has prohibited the listing of actual job openings.

Instead, the website will include information on what training and education is needed to nab a job, said Suzanne Jones, AESP’s vice president of marketing. In lieu of a job bank, AESP will provide 40 to 50 “very distinct” job descriptions in the energy efficiency industry, along with the education and training needed for such jobs.

A DOE spokesman did not return a request for comment in time for publication. The website — called “My Energy Gateway” — will launch in April 2012, according to AESP.

President Obama’s green jobs fantasy has proven to be just that — a fantasy. Still, it seems strange that only after 3½ years of pushing green energy, subsidized green businesses going bankrupt, subsidies becoming a scandal, does the Department of Energy decide to invest money in a website to tell interested people just what a green job is considered to be. What it is not, is anything to do with increasing our supply of fossil fuels. Those jobs are being regulated out of existence as fast as possible.

Spain led the way when economist Dr. Gabriel Calzada of King Juan Carlos University studied Spain’s aggressive efforts to become Europe’s leading  exemplar of the wonders of renewable energy.  Spain believed in the promise of ‘green jobs,’ but Dr. Calzada’s studies showed that each renewable job cost the Spanish taxpayer between $752,000 and $800,000, and that each job cost the Spanish economy 2.2 jobs for every green job created.

They attempted to warn the United States that heading down that road was a mistake, but the U.S. Department of Energy collaborated with the American Wind Energy Association and an ideological activist group in a coordinated effort to discredit the study. It took a FOIA request to get to those facts about the effort to discredit the study.

Much work, Calzada says, went into the effort to discredit the findings that were ultimately recognized by the Spanish government, and after thorough review, using two different methods and data from both European Commission-financed research and the Spanish government, the results have been proved correct.  President Obama used Spain as an outstanding example when Spain was promoting renewable energy, but when they confessed their error and explained where and how they went wrong, Obama not only refuses to pay attention, but rejects the studies.

Richard Epstein has told us that Obama does not change his mind, that the president’s ideas are set in concrete.  Apparently Mr. Epstein knows what he is talking about.  But that’s not all, as Mr. Calzada explains:

All signs point to a fatally flawed idea. Developing these jobs on a reliable and consistent basis requires ever-more subsidies. It’s a never-ending cycle to keep a bubble inflated, which as Spain discovered costs billions in public funds. Even before Spain’s investment bubble began bursting, the massive investments in renewable energy companies were producing disappointing results.

What’s more, the subsidization of these inefficient sources of energy has led to significant economic hardship on the macro and micro levels. As of 2008, when our study was conducted, the Spanish government had committed approximately $36 billion to renewable energy subsidies; since then the resources committed have grown exponentially and are now well over $100 billion, an amount equivalent to more than 10% of Spanish GDP.

Spanish households have seen their electric bills climb by 50%, and industrial electricity prices have jumped by 110%.  Spain has gone from having one of the lowest average electricity costs in Europe to the third highest. The subsidies have led to temporary jobs— created at enormous per-job costs— massive debt, high power prices and a net loss of jobs.

Oregon Winter. by The Elephant's Child
December 2, 2011, 6:26 am
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The rain begins.  This is no summer rain,
Dropping the blotches of wet on the dusty road:
This rain is slow, without thunder or hurry:
There is plenty of time—there will be months of rain.
Lost in the hills, the old gray farmhouses
Hump their backs against it, and smoke from their chimneys
Struggles through weighted air.  The sky is sodden with water,
It sags against the hills, and the wild geese,
Wedge-flying, brush the heaviest cloud with their wings.
The farmers move unhurried.  The wood is in,
The hay has long been in, the barn lofts piled
Up to the high windows, dripping yellow straws.
There will be plenty of time now, time that will smell of fires,
And drying leather, and catalogues, and apple cores.
The farmers clean their boots, and whittle, and drowse.

                                                                Jeanne McCahey

from Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle

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