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Why Are Rich Liberals Such Hypocrites? by The Elephant's Child

Even some very rich leftists — those proverbial millionaires and billionaires — whom Obama claims are not paying their fair share, want President Obama to raise taxes on the rich. If you want to know why rich liberals are not just hypocrites, but wrong as well, read this post from economist Daniel Mitchell that tries to teach President Obama about the Laffer Curve.  If this doesn’t make  you giggle, you have no sense of humor.

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I always appreciate American Elephants humor, style and perspective. A wealth of information and great resource.


Comment by Gayolen Southworth (@GASouthworth)

Thank, you! Haven’t seen you on twitter recently. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.


Comment by American Elephant

Michelle Fields video was excellent, the liberals letting there guard down and showing there true hypocrisy is always priceless. I’m sure she will soon be on the democrats black list


Comment by hey_sherm

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