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A Summing-Up of the Occupy Movement from Fox News by The Elephant's Child

You almost have to feel a little sorry for the Occupy young people.  They are so young and stupid. They have no knowledge of history, or they would be aware that socialism has been a dreadful failure everywhere and every time it has been tried.

They rage against capitalism without any understanding of what ‘capitalism ‘ is — simply the name Karl Marx gave to the workings of the free market. They assume their own jobless state or the student loans they took out are the result of something other mean people have done to them rather than something that results from poor choices on their own part. Aside from lessons in history and economics, they seem to have missed some of the standard guardrails of life like “there’s no free lunch,” or “a penny saved is a penny earned” and “life isn’t fair.”

All the old socialists and communists  turned up to offer encouragement and pamphlets, but I notice that they are visibly absent when confrontations begin.  The idea of “revolution” has always been appealing to the young and idealistic when the hormones are raging.

Another clash on New Year’s Eve in Zuccotti park, when the Occupy bunch tried tear down the barriers and re-occupy the place. The Left clearly expected something a little — um, nobler, when expressing their support for the movement, but they can’t help themselves, they love the idea of revolution. The reality is something they only want to support from a distance.

I’m afraid that the interest in Occupy theatrics has waned, and they’ve become simply tiresome and rather pathetic. “Occupied Zuccotti Park” isn’t something I’d recommend putting on your resume. Irving Kristol once wrote something appropriate:

In every society the overwhelming majority of people live lives of considerable frustration and if society is to endure, it needs to rely on a goodly measure of stoical resignation.

That’s the problem. The Left has never understood human nature nor accepted the flawed nature of man. They go off dreaming of utopian solutions and try to fix the unfixable with ever more rules and regulations. Sorry, the rich are not going to pay your bills, nor will they offer you a job — they’ll applaud while you man the barricades, but don’t expect anything more.

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i saw the Occupy movement for what it was, from the beginning. My first question was as to whether or not they were taking legal action in petition of Redress of Grievances. Since there was no evidence of such actions, I wrote a blog post titled “Redress of Grievance, Or Voluntary Internment?” As it has proved out, people voluntarily assembled themselves in internment camps of their own making, and waited for the guards to come beat them.


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