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Obama’s Dumbest Decision, and Canada’s Reaction by The Elephant's Child

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) “January 20 legal analysis notes that while the executive branch has historically handled the approval of border-crossing facilities, it doesn’t have to be that way. If Congress chose to assert its authority in the area of border crossing facilities, this would likely be considered within its Constitutionally enumerated authority to regulate foreign commerce.”

A house Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing next Wednesday on a bill that takes review of the pipeline away from the State Department and instead requires the independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue a permit.

The Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) has left the Blue-Green Alliance, over Big Green’s support for the president’s denial of the Keystone XL pipeline. Many unions — including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Teamsters, the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters for the United States and Canada and others support the pipeline. President Obama has, according to some accounts, decided that he can afford to lose the working-class vote which would probably go to Republicans anyway.

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant, takes on Obama’s Keystone XL decision, and demolishes every Obama argument against the pipeline and a few more besides. Mr. Levant is a journalist, and does not represent the official position of the government of Canada, but I’ll bet he’s not too far off. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is visiting China shortly, and is looking closely at going for the Northern Gateway pipeline to take the oil to West Coast ports to sell to China and other Asian nations.

Ouch! Big Green has misjudged.  Their activism and big money are not going to shut down the Canadian oil sands. If the oil goes to China, it will be transported by tankers, far more open to spills, accidents, sinking and grounding. Green activists have  worked hard to get Big Labor to join with them in opposing — Republicans and anything they support. If this ends the alliance, serves them right.

Canadians are pretty incensed at the money flowing from the U.S. into opposition to the Canadian government’s internal political decisions. I don’t blame them. Canada is a deservedly proud independent nation. They are not, as some Americans regard them, and as Stephen Harper acidly remarked, simply a national park for the Northern United States.

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