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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at CPAC 2012 by The Elephant's Child

A tremendous speech from a courageous governor who has turned his state around in spite of constant attacks from the public-sector unions. They are being forced to pay part of their own health-care costs, and contribute to their own pensions — less than most people contribute. We’ve all seen the demonstrations that Walker endured.

Big Labor is pouring money and union workers into Wisconsin to defeat Walker in a recall election.  They cannot allow his mild reforms to stand because the union movement is dying, only the public sector unions are growing. The Obama administration has done everything they can to pay unions back for their support. Obama gave the UAW a third ownership (for free) of Government Motors — expensive for the taxpayers who may never be repaid. The administration is trying to reform the labor laws so people are forced to join and restrained from leaving. Lots of payback going on.

Governor Walker and the Republicans in the legislature have been truly courageous. He needs your backing to combat the enormous recall effort by the unions. He needs contributions and volunteers. ( If he fails, it will be a long time before any politician dares to display such political courage again.


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