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If People Won’t Do What You Want, Just Make it a Law, So They Have To! by The Elephant's Child
February 28, 2012, 4:20 pm
Filed under: Politics

A pair of major light bulb manufacturers, Philips and OSRAM, are teaming up with the United Nations in an attempt to pressure countries into participating in a “global transition” to more energy-efficient light bulbs. The two companies are both major manufacturers of the types of bulbs that would replace incandescents under the plan.

How utterly and completely offensive! Stupid people aren’t rushing to buy our new CFLs and LEDs fast enough, so let’s just get governments to mandate their use. Incandescent light bulbs have been cheap (a problem for light-bulb companies) and excellent in their ability to supply good light for general purposes, and for reading and fine work. CFLs are not up to that standard. Nasty light. LEDs are fine for outdoor light, but not ready for prime time for ordinary lighting purposes. But the manufacturers make a lot more money on CFLs and LEDs than on incandescent bulbs.

Governments have no business telling consumers what to buy, let alone what they must buy. Of course, getting your product mandated by the state will enhance the bottom-line. But politicians aren’t smart enough to make those decisions. The impulse to tyranny lies within us all. If people don’t seem to want to do what you want — just order them to.

At some point, LED or other light bulbs may prove to be superior and be offered at a desirable price. You win consumers over with the excellence of your product. People revolt against tyrants, big or little.  It takes a degree of restraint and wisdom to recognize those simple facts.

The United Nations needs to successfully master any of the tasks which the world has assigned to them, before it embarks on an effort to garner more power to itself. They do not have a record of accomplishment.

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