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A Quiet Square in Belgium by The Elephant's Child
April 14, 2012, 8:49 pm
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This is just another new commercial, with a different twist.

Wish You Were a Kid Again? by The Elephant's Child

I just opened another bottle of Snapple. The “Real Fact” inside the bottle cap read as follows: “Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.”

That takes a bit of pondering in today’s economic climate. I was a very happy six-year-old — would I go back and do it all over if I could? How about you?

Has Obama Lost His Cool? by The Elephant's Child

Over at Investors, Andrew Malcolm asks “Who is this guy pretending to be president?” He argues that the optimistic hopeful fellow with the charming smile is gone and has been replaced by the “2012 Obama who is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths.”

This Obama is in full-time campaign mode, though his accomplishments are pretty wispy. The Republican primary is essentially over, and he now has someone to run against. They tried out their prepared “war on women” theme, but that isn’t going too well, though they still have hopes. Turns out that women are a lot more concerned about the economy in general than about the cost of a month’s supply of birth control pills.

More women have been laid off from their jobs than men—177,000 women compared to 55,000 men. Mitt Romney said that his wife told him that’s what women were worried about, which prompted a new line of attack by the Obama campaign.

What did Ann Romney know about what women cared about, they asked: she’d never worked a day in her life,” That was to be a new, but connected theme — the Romneys were elite, rich, and out of touch with ordinary people.  Because they were so rich, Ann Romney just got to loll around their many houses while authentic women went out to work. That pathetic claim is something left over from the 60s. Raising five boys to be outstanding young men is not “not working.” And Mitt is supposed to be really out of touch. Square, still living back in the 50s. Above all, not cool.

Very interesting. Obama’s initial campaign was largely based on”cool.” Not just that he would be the first African-American president, but the logo everywhere, on the soon-to-be-presidential airplane, on every sign, on the podium, soon, you didn’t need words—just the ubiquitous logo. In the years since, photoshoppers have had great fun with the logo, and it has perhaps lost its cool in the process.

The new president would prove just how cool he was with his myriad accomplishments, making the hated Bush appear small and well-rid-of as the new guy in charge showed how things should be done. Hope springs eternal.

But all the dreadful things Bush did turned out to be the inevitable and correct thing to do. The terrorists in Guantanamo weren’t innocent boys imprisoned by the warmongering Bush people; they actually were the worst of the worst; and Guantanamo never did get closed. The fundamentalist rule against embryonic stem cells would be waived but the halt didn’t walk again. Whatever happened to the twenty volunteers who were waiting for the real kind of stem-cell transplant?

Major government investment in 21st Century technologies like new, towering wind turbines and cutting edge solar shingles would make dependence on foreign oil a thing of the past, except they simply did not produce the electricity that was promised by the promoters, and the countries that Obama pointed to as examples to be copied, like Spain, have gotten out of the solar business altogether.  Germany is slowly shutting theirs down, and it turns out that they weren’t the 21st century new, new thing but only old-fashioned ideas that have never worked very well.  The Volt goes about the same distance on a charge as the 1896 Roberts electric car.  There’s more, of course.

Seems to me the case that Mitt and Ann Romney are out-of-touch and not cool may be a little iffy.  Americans mostly don’t envy the rich — they hope to get rich themselves someday. They expect their president to honor the Constitution and separation of powers and  respect the traditions of the office, and to understand enough about free enterprise and how the American economy works, to avoid spending all the money on big ideas of the wonders of big government. Surely that’s not asking too much.

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