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Would You Do It Or Wouldn’t You? by The Elephant's Child
April 25, 2012, 7:50 pm
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This is the Insano (well named) Water Slide in Brazil’s’Beach Park. It is 41 meters high — the height of a 14 story building. You go down at a 105 kilometer/hour speed. Looks popular! It is the world’s tallest water slide.  You may click to enlarge and see the scary descent even bigger. The landing is not shown.

(h/t: Vanderleun)

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I’ve been down one of these just as vertical but about half the length, and in a tube. The tube ensures that one doesn’t fly off and out, but it means that if you make the mistake of trying to slow down by bending a leg you can severely hurt yourself (e.g., the leg can folds up leave you stuck: heaven help you if the next slider then comes down before you get unstuck!)

I don’t know what would happen on this slide: would you propel yourself forward? Best to just remain as straight as you can. My main fear would be of shooting out to the side on the way off the lip. The descent itself would be exhilarating, and I’m sure the landing at the end is well-managed.

Nevertheless, I imagine a slide like this would never be allowed in the United States, with its personal liability laws.


Comment by Subsidy Eye

I couldn’t do it, even the half-the-length kind. Ordinary high diving boards I’ve been doing since I was probably 4 or 5, but I’ve never gone off one of the higher platforms. This one not only looks frightening, but, I agree, dangerous.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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