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THIS is what a bully looks like! by American Elephant
April 29, 2012, 6:56 pm
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This is Dan Savage. Dan Savage makes me ashamed to be gay. Dan Savage is a vile [warning: when I say vile, I mean it], loathsome human being, far more hateful than any Christian I’ve ever known, and I know many.

Here, he proves that he does not seek to END bullying, but seeks TO bully. He also proves that he has no clue what the meaning of the word tolerance is, not to mention the words irony and hypocrisy.

He uses his position of power and authority over these high school kids, as an invited speaker with a stage, a microphone, and a very real “bully pulpit,” to bully those in the audience who dare to be Christian. He willfully misrepresents what the Bible says, knowingly lies about what Christians believe, dishonestly berates their religion (I know he knows better because I’ve seen and heard Christians explain to him exactly how he misrepresents their religion and beliefs, but instead of correcting his arguments, he keeps right on repeating what he knows to be lies.)

I am SO PROUD of all the kids, of every race & creed who got up and walked out on his bigoted, hateful tirade. I’m only sorry that the camera was zoomed in on Savage so that only one aisle could be seen. There were at least three aisles — probably 5 if you count the outsides, and I’m sure just as many kids were leaving via those aisles as well.

Tolerance does not mean that you must agree with people, or approve of what they do — that is the totalitarian leftist definition: “give us more money & control or you are a ‘H8er’.” If everyone agreed with one another, there’d be no need for tolerance. Tolerance means living in peace with people with whom you disagree — even strongly. Something Savage has never shown any evidence of doing. Something Christians do every day.

Tolerance is what these Christian kids did! (assuming they were all Christian, which may not be the case) —  coming to see him speak knowing who he was, knowing he was gay, knowing that he was a hateful, anti-Christian, anti-religious bigot.

And when he started berating them from his bully pulpit, they didn’t protest, they didn’t throw things at him and try to shout him down — as so-called “progressives” regularly do to conservative speakers. Quite the contrary, they let him speak, and quietly left, refusing to sit there and be bullied.

And when these throngs of kids left, what did this “progressive, enlightened, tolerant” man do? He pretended HE is the victim and called these high school kids (guilty of nothing) “pansy ass” (a little self-loathing, internal homophobia there Dan?) for leaving.

The most courageous people in that auditorium were those who stood up and left, in front of an auditorium full of their peers.

Dan was the least courageous. Dan was and is a coward. Bullying Christian kids, knowing full well that the very ‘worst’ thing they would do is possibly pray for him.

He has the GALL to accuse Christianity of teaching that women should be stoned (which shows he doesn’t understand a thing about Christianity Hey Dan! New Testament, Google it!) and to intimate that Republicans might want to do that much or more, cus ‘who knows where they’re going” as he put it — at the very same time his “progressive” president is sending millions to Palestinians who actually DO kill people for being gay.

He picks on high school kids whom he knows will do nothing,  but doesn’t have the balls to criticize the only religion on Earth that actually DOES stone, hang and burn gays to death in the name of their religion. You, Dan, are the “pansy ass”. The kids who laughed & applauded you at least have the excuse of being young and ignorant.

And lastly, I fervently hope it was more than just Christians who left!

I hope students of other faiths, and no faith at all, got up and left too. Most of all, I hope at least a few of those who left were gay kids who recognized the glaring hypocrisy of this “man” spewing hate and lies in the name of tolerance.

They were RIGHT to leave. Dan Savage is the bully. Dan Savage is the bigot.

[PS: He is supported & endorsed by Barack Obama & Democrats.]

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Comment by Edgarorpinel

I think you’re missing Savage’s point. He says to “ignore the bullshit in the Bible” about homosexuality, which modern Christianity has shown an ability to do re: slavery and shellfish, among other topics. His problem isn’t with Christianity per se, which has shown itself to be a dynamic belief system over time, shifting emphasis from some issues to others and completely abandoning some stances altogether.

His problem is with those who use Christianity as a weapon, who try to drive a wedge between those who identify as Christians yet may feel sympathetic to homosexuals. These people reference these inflammatory parts of the Bible to establish their authority on the issue. It goes something like this: 1) The Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God 2) The Bible says homosexuality is really, really bad 3) Ergo, we should not tolerate homosexuality.

Towards the end, at around 2:40, Savage does something that I truly do find distasteful, which is to leverage the crowd against the students that walked out.

Savage may outright attack Christians elsewhere, but I just don’t see it here in this video.

I’ll concede Savage’s rhetoric is inflammatory as well (it probably comes from the “can’t stand still on a moving train” school of thought), but calling him the bully here misses the point. It suggests that the big problem around this issue of bullying is that the wrong people are being called bullies. It reminds me of all the politicians and commentators who are more concerned with pointing out cases where people were inappropriately called racists, than with actually addressing issues of racism.

After all, how many Christian kids are killing themselves because they were called bullies? I imagine it’s quite close to zero. Now ask yourself, how many gay kids are killing themselves because they’re being told their God does not accept them? How many gay kids are killing themselves because their peers are telling them they are damned?


Comment by informationasymmetry

So then why the invective “pansy asses”. Epithets are for the proud who feel demeaned, it is their means of regaining the upper hand. If what you say is true he should have felt no insult by the students leaving but would have taught to the audience what you said. This did not happen, so we are left with the conclusion that he was confronted with truth (Savage is a bully) and had no counter argument (because it is true), his only remaining recourse…insults.


Comment by Mike

Btw…most Christianity teaches hate the sin love the sinner. Christ our example, broke bread with prostitutes, swindlers, tax collectors and shared his message with them in very loving ways. It was only the hypocrite that raised his anger.


Comment by Mike

So Savage’s argument – that Christians, or those who call themselves Christians, accurately quote the Bible in their efforts at marginalizing and ostracizing gay kids, sometimes leading them to take their own lives, while (hypocritically, which you seem concerned with) ignoring the other extreme parts of the Bible – is invalidated because he calls those very people “pansy-assed”?

I agree that it doesn’t reflect well on him. I don’t agree that it invalidates his argument.

I forgot to address something you mentioned in your post. You referred to, indirectly, Islam as being the only religion that actively practices stonings for homosexuality. It’s important that you note this, because it largely is true. There is a difference between rhetoric, which is what the extreme Christianist right-wing does, versus the fatal violence in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It’s not as if physical violence doesn’t manifest here in the US, though. Ask Matthew Shephard’s parents. It’s not the norm, of course, but that sort of violence takes place in an environment in which homosexuals are marginalized as less-than-human. It is this environment that Savage is attacking (until he goes off with his stupid “pansy-assed” comment).

I want to point something else out as well. There seems to be a bit of “but look what THEY’RE doing!” going on. What do I mean? “Look at the bullying Dan Savage is doing!” “Look at the bullying the Muslims do!” That’s what I’m referring to.

You’re not incorrect to point these out; they are unacceptable. But this is a discussion about how homosexuality is treated in the United States, which is largely Christian, which is where appeals to the Bible can be, and have proven themselves to be, very powerful. Pointing out the murder of homosexuals in, say, Palestine, is justified, but it’s hardly relevant in a discussion with this framework. It’s a distraction.

Your blog’s stated mission is to be about “big-tent conservatism”. I applaud that, as I’m sympathetic to some arguments and viewpoints that are often labeled conservative, or have formerly been considered conservative. And I admit that I haven’t read the entirety of your blog. But it’s hard to take this goal of “big-tent conservatism” seriously when you are not focusing your attention on those within the conservative movement that seek to shrink the tent, instead of grow the tent. Dan Savage isn’t the one telling gay conservatives they aren’t allowed in the tent. Focus on the Family, and the politicians who appeal to them, are. Indeed, some have gone so far as to say Savage’s insistence on marriage equality is a conservative argument, as it is one about family stability and cultural assimilation.

So what do you think is the bigger problem: Dan Savage calling kids who walked out on his speech “pansy-assed”, or a significant portion of one of the major political parties creating a cultural, theological, and political environment which reduces gay teens to second-class citizens at best, and statistics on suicide all too often?


Comment by informationasymmetry

You write:
“This is Dan Savage. Dan Savage makes me ashamed to be gay.

You are gay???


Comment by the word of me


Your assertion that people should ignore the parts of the Bible that you disagree with, toss them out, and conform to your wishes as to what the Bible SHOULD say is exactly the kind of intolerance I spoke of in my 5th paragraph. It is the opposite of tolerance. Christians DO tolerate homosexuality. I am free to be gay. I have all might rights in tact. I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have the right to speech, press, assembly, association, to petition the government for a redress of grievances, religious expression, the right to self defense, the right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure and on and on. And no one is attempting to take them away from me. Indeed, it appears to be only you and Savage are the only intolerant ones, as I described in my 5th paragraph, demanding that other people should have to change their beliefs to conform to yours because you cannot tolerate that they disagree with you.


Comment by American Elephant

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